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  1. "GarbageCan Jones." (damn..this was 6 years ago already)
  2. Bump since there's a hell of a birthday party going on in BMX heaven right now.
  3. What took you so long? :-)
  4. With that many K models out there, wouldn't a better description be "Japanese Made TA" rather than prototype? Maybe it's just semantics, but to me, the word prototype implies a small batch of items that were manufactured to be tested out by select riders. Not trying to sound like a dick, it's just that the term gets thrown around quite a bit.
  5. How many K-serial prototypes did they make? I know over the years I've seen a few.
  6. Great info. The knowledge thrown around on this site is still the best.
  7. Happened at the beginning of the year but just heard about it. 80 years old. Awesome person.
  8. Don't know how I got there but I imagine some of you know about it. http://www.bmxsociety.com/best-content/
  9. And also definitely not 1972 but still pretty cool.
  10. Too short. Good talking to you if even for a short while. Speedos are amazingly cool as always and thanks a lot. Going on a great project.
  11. Some of you know my daughter Reilley. Her humor is wicked like mine. I recently sent her a picture of one of the cats and her response to the picture was classic. No DNA testing required for my kids. :-)
  12. Sad news. Great guy. Till we meet again in bmx heaven and get to race you and Scot in sidehacks again, Godspeed.
  13. Mark Kiel FB post. "A shot of my long time good friend Mel Stoutsenberger checking out the sliding capabilities of my Bultaco 250 Pursang at Indian Dunes circa 1973."
  14. First step at my new place. This is for you Rick and Patti Twomey and of course Thom Lund. Pic in the background is Thom and in a irrational grouppie monent, I had it signed by Thom and Windy (who took the original picture) at the Joe Kid premiere. Must add that in addition to the bike, the ratty old bike stand belonged to Thom. I picked it up recently at his house. It came fron Mike Devitt and might go back to the SE years so even Scot can be included in the pic.
  15. Early Redline forks (along with Ashtabula forks) had a built in fork race crown. Linn got rid of that as a way to reduce cost, however many a fork of that era such as Speedos, Redline, Webcos and a few others suffer from the ate up fork crown because many a kid/dad ran a bearing cage on top of the fork crown without installing a race on the fork. I have seen ( and own) multiple forks including a couple of sets of Redlines and my Webcos that suffered from this back in the day. It looks like someone put a crappy weld but in reality it is fork damage. I don't know if this is the case here, but you might look into it. I'm sure someone has the article but I'll try to look it up but it shows an early Redline fork with Maico legs and a built in lower bearing race to illustrate my point.
  16. Yamaha ones are different. They are thinner, "hollowed out," and use smaller hardware. At least the A and B model, not 100% certain. . These are Taiwan almost for sure Not sure of brand but more than likely from the Royce Union factory. They came on the their shock bikes and on this fork which you see for sale on ebay from time to time I have a couple of these forks and they have a little gold "Made in Taiwan" decal [bm attachment=164326:20180514_070205.jpg]
  17. I actually have all the versions but cannot find my 144 BCD one but I stole a pic from the net.
  18. Super Maxy cranks came in 5 different bolt patterns. The ones we are used with a swaged spider, one with a forged spider, the the ones you have , a 144BCD version and a 3 pin version. Also, some came with 1/2 pedal threads. The TA ones you have are my favorite and I run them on the LRV.