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  1. Wow. 13 years have flown. As many of you know, Q and Oz parted ways. On my recent trip to see Bob, he told me that Q had given him the bike and that he wanted me to have it. I plan to keep it as it was built but have to say in fairness that if anyone wants their parts back, I'd be happy to send them back to the donor. Oz (and Q) was very grateful about the bike and said hi to all of us here at the Society. Just let me know. I'll keep this posted for awhile. (yah yah, freaking off-site posting and my mistake of posting them there so apologies for the missing pics)
  2. California Car Cover 9525 De Soto Ave. Chatsworth CA Don't miss it! Tickets to Friday's Ernie Roast available through Eventbrite. Valley Relics Museum. 21630 Marilla St. Chatsworth CA
  3. Art. GJS are just art. Digging the brake lever a lot.
  4. Bill Matthews was making muscle bike components and three wheeler conversion kits in the 60s and originally started in San Gabriel. Once they started making complete tandems and three wheelers they went to Temple city and started selling products under LRV name. when Tom Seifert got the company. After the move to El Monte, it became Matthews again for unknown (to me) reasons My story, my facts. I imagine Monster R, has better info.
  5. Nice. Digging the Johnny Severin Del Mar OS BMX show bike stand.
  6. Bump for the trickness factor. Wonder what happened to old Sander?
  7. I know I'm late to the party but found these recently. 1981 Winter? Nationals.
  8. Pretty certain that Mike is messing with the people who have offered it to buy it. As far as desirability. Mike's bike is high up there but at least to me, it does not have the "iconic" factor of one of Linn Built Rick's Bike shop looptails as raced by JP and Thom (as in the above pic.) On a side note and not trying to start a pissing match, but I am still confused on the 74 part. The ledger shows 4/16/75. My mono (Ser #145) was sold March of 75 to ironically, in a way, to Jennie "Riley." Maybe Coupes is right, but I have a hard time with the idea of Linn sitting on ANY product for 5-6 months
  9. Personal story. Me and a few other other bmxers were hanging out at the local Honda shop getting my hack rewelded probably around 77. Scraggly beard guy walks past us with some motorcycle parts and starts talking to the welder Mitch. They talk and Mitch points us out. Scraggly beard guy comes up to us and tells us he has these new type of "goosenecks" back in his van and if we want to check them out. Being jerk kids, we joke about the whole "gooseneck and van" thing but we were intrigued. In a group, we went to the van. Scraggly beard guy shows us about 10 of these cool stems with a great package that showed what I believe was the late great RC Collins on his drag racing Honda. I forgot how much he was selling them for but none of us had enough cash to get one. Yep, another opportunity missed.
  10. This was taken at Rick Twomey's memorial. Wayne King sporting a t-shirt with a drawing Thom riding the mono he built. Thom Lund, the rider who made that mono famous. And myself. Part owner (along with Bob "Oz" Osborn) of said mono. A sad day but a day Rick would have loved surrounded by many of his friends. .
  11. Nice! Passed on one years ago and have regretted it since.
  12. I always love the reality bikes and their one piece cranks. Nice!
  13. Andy Diaz 71-early 72. Talented to no end.
  14. Original plan was to cannibalize it but after seeing it, it will stay as it is. I had it for a few years. Race the Seattle Cross races but if it's not too muddy, my Rock Lobster.
  15. Nice little racer. According to the seller, it belonged to A San Diego bmxer who moved up to the WA in the 70s