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  1. I must admit that I did this for a long time but mainly because I was cross-posting across several forums. I tried to rectify this specially on the Mel thread. I also lost a LOT of pictures when the photo hosting at the V went heads up. Those, I regret losing as I lost most of them on a hard drive disaster. Now, I is smarter.. I save them here, on a backup drive and on a cloud.
  2. Great information and it's where it belongs for future reference. I must admit that I jumped the gun assuming it was Philip's bike, backpedaled and currently not sure what the background is. As is, I bowed out of the discussion. I agree with the title too, while the STR is cool, it is now the second one is know to exist and with the probabilities of another one appearing are at least to me a little higher. In my opinion, this one is a little bit more of a jewel. Advanced for it's time and in an era that many were still running motomags and Ashtabula forks, high tech. Makes me wonder what other cool and rare items are still sitting out there.
  3. Ok, just to clarify. I am sure neither Robert Sr or Jr started the STR-1 Facebook page. It's still Ross doing it.
  4. Damn you! I need that Traker fork..
  5. Yep, pulling a JJ. :-) But we do have a little history ..
  6. Bumping up a great thread. Profab fork
  7. Pretty certain it is. The Kahler family had a long association with Scot. Robert Senior managed to get Scot to hold an SE race where I thought I remember seeing one of the early frames although not necessarily the one in the pic. (Coincidentally, it was also the race where me and Mike Hardaway put Scot and Rod over the berm and the OM came us really really mad, but I digress) I'm pretty certain the guy who started the post, rode for the Finish Line shop. When he mentioned some details about who was getting it, I thought of Bob Sr. but dismissed the thought as the family never had a flair for the dramatic as this appeared to be. Robert Kahler Jr. was an early #1 plate holder in the Cal-2 district and worked at GT for years and was partly responsible for the mountain bike innovations there. Must also add that Pat Kahler RIP was also part of the equation and I remember her fondly and very happy the Kahlers have that frame.
  8. Funny how at least one of those guys has managed to "reinvent" himself from his squidness reality of his youth...
  9. Sadly no documentation but one was at Rockford and one was at a Society event a few years back so someone might have pics. The one I saw at the Society event might have been the same as Big Fire's.
  10. The word has always been that there were no blue FMFs built, but Big Fire's frame (which now sits at my house Thank you Steve!) is the third blue one that I have seen that appear to have an "original" FMF decal. The one I saw before this one was more faded but appeared to have the remnants of an FMF down tube decal and the less faded area also looked similar in shape to the old Team replica decals. However, as Dan Goins has pointed out before, FMF was the hot item at the time so some kid might have done that back in the day. The other alternative reality is that given Bastian's well known shenanigans, and as FMF was on it's dying days, he might have just stickered a few and put them out to maximize his cash flow. Just like a tootsie roll pop, the world may never know.
  11. It was a cool event. Reminded me of the great BMX Society shows of the past. Saw some great people like Curt and many others but definitely missed people like Sod and Steve Firenstein . Was really hoping you would show up Steve.
  12. Curt. I have somethg you may want. Hope to see some of the So Cal guys there.
  13. A little off-subject bit recently found these in my stash of forgotten items.
  14. A few years ago, Bob asked what we thought of that picture. Everyone approved and said what a great picture it was. Well, almost all. Matt Raymer and I were probably the only ones who said differently openly. I forgot what Matt said but I said it while it was a great picture, it was very "Un-Oz" like. Bob sent me and Raymer a message that while he disagreed with our opinion, he respected us for saying what we thought. Oz is good people.
  15. RIP. I kept hoping it was some kind of April Fool's thing but knew better. Great conversations with him about Australia's early BMX days.
  16. No, you go away Brian Hayes... Sod, I ran out of solder and I know some eagle eyed critic would point out that only some were soldered.