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  1. So glad I made the trip! It was such an awesome event! Good job, Steve. And everyone that helped put it together...well done.
  2. Ok. So I did my best to reproduce this hack from scratch.... I don't know why the pics upload upside down. they flip over when you click
  3. Thanks! There were a bunch of great bikes there. I wish I had better pics of them all.
  4. It's actually my daughter in costume. since I can't fit in the jersey any more, I said, "I need you to look like a teenage boy". I think it worked out ok.
  5. I think its a pretty awesome build....not imaginary....but a recreation. And I'm so happy you guys like the submittal.
  6. I actually raced for Mira Mesa Schwinn bitd, and before they started giving us stuff like Schwinn frames and jerseys, we raced what we wanted/had/could afford. Hence the DG, but I was running the tractor on the rear.
  7. This is my racer (recreated) from the 77-78 season, BMXA in San Diego. I won the #62 plate in BMXA and the #10S plate in NBA, in 77.
  8. What?? Where?? What hacks!? All I lack is a hack and a pilot! LOL What?? Where?? What hacks!? All I lack is a hack and a pilot! LOL
  9. Look mom! I'm famous! I could probably add a few details. lol