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  1. http://atomiccycles.com/event.html
  2. I can clean it on a single speed but not a cruiser. The mondo shok on the downhill was a blast, never got down it on a coaster before w/o dabbing.
  3. that was fun! But I had to bail to go to work.
  4. All I need is a lathe and my set up is complete. I made this for a pal who wanted to reinforce his coaster tab on his champion.
  5. I want to get better so getting inspired with a wacky project helps.
  6. Made frame/fork and stem from scratch. I have been detailing the construction on rat rod bikes: https://ratrodbikes.com/forum/threads/mondo-shock.113898/
  7. Rides like a bike, close to an "eletro forged" era Schwinn which is a very nice riding bike. It is heavy and the suspension robs some of your pedal power. I made it for my coaster event,the first one will be a 9 miles downhill run, in this it excels. Every Tuesday we do a BMX ride and often go into the local trail systems for a quick dip into the dirt, we went down some single track that I have never been able to clean with a coaster brake and this bike just bowled over things, it was amazing!
  8. Made a 26 wheeled mono shock bike. Enjoy.
  9. www.atomiccycles.com for more info....
  10. option 2 The thing is you are so close to the ground, it is not that risky. Some inspiration
  11. BOMB SQUAD! This is a fun event. It is not a race, but a rally, or a group of idiots that take 16" Barbie bikes and point them downhill in masse... How old are you? There is no age limit on a good time. The rules are simple: 16" kids bike in unmodified bone stock configuration. Yes, we know you can't fit on it, neither can we. You may add brakes. Nothing more. (Ed) You bike should be 5.99 at the local Goodwill...not something purpose built for downhill. Full face helmet is recommended, and a helmet is mandatory! Other protection, motorcycle leathers, knee and elbow pads, bubble wrap (it's happened) is highly encouraged because... road rash sucks. Need a loaner? Let me know, I have many! See you then!! :) Finishers get a sticker. See flyer for details....