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  1. I'm in the process of restoring my old 1986 Redline RL-20a and I'm trying to find a perfect paint color match for the turquoise that the bike originally came in... Anybody know a color code, brand of paint that duplicates this color, I'm sure that they were powder coated from the factory, but I've seen some of them restored by others, could anyone please share any available information that they may have regarding these colors?...
  2. Thanks, just picked up that old bastard for $75, not bad considering the age and options, all pro class stuff, love it...lol
  3. Okay, I figured it was mid school somewhere... Anyone have any idea where to get reproduction decals for old school bikes like these?... I also have an 86 Cool Streak that could use some new decals... Thanks again guys... You ROCK...
  4. Sorry, couldn't get them all there, here are the rest... Thanks again...
  5. I really don't have any new pics, here are some pics of the Dyno before I restored it, it is now done with new Tuff II's and re-polished, but should show you most that you'd need I would think... And here is the only two pics that I have of the Decade Pro, pretty crappy pics, but you can kinda see it, I'm am currently stripping the blue that some ass painted over the pink so it's kinda in pieces right now...lol
  6. Alright fellas, I'm an old school dude, but a newbe to this site pretty much, I have two bikes that I need help identifying... First off, I have what was told to me as an 88 Mongoose Decade Pro, pink and chrome, all original, but looks to be more like an 87 to me due to the crank sprocket, anyways, serial number is M7-A1914... The other one is just a pure chrome Dyno, all stickers removed, looks to be a Compe or Detour, but I was always more of a Redline guy than a Dyno guy, the serial is SY5G0745... Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks...