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  1. I have a few photos of J&D from late summer '81. I do remember another track as well, but only raced there once. It seemed it was a bit more on the outskirts in farmlands. I raced in Fresno only a few times. I am from Bakersfield and only raced Fresno when I was visiting my grandparents. I would love to see your photos.
  2. I always dug those pedals. I remember a tip, or something in BMX Action, where someone put a small square of grip tape on the flatish part of the aluminum body of the pedal for extra traction. To a junior high BMXer that was pretty dang trick!
  3. Crikey... didn't even think to add a link. I don't post much on forums these days (and I totally quit FB) so I'm out of practice! LAL Here you go:
  4. So, I recently found RL Osborn's BMX Freestyle channel on the YouTubes. Some interesting stuff, but kind of wondered if anybody is punching their monitor, or just passing out when he starts cutting, grinding, refinishing and restickering OG frames and forks?
  5. The music at the five minute point or so, if I am not mistaken, is from a band called The Closet Surfers, and the tune is called White Water. I bought their first CD, Closet Surfing, in '91 or '92 I think. I wonder if the music was added later? Cool video, for sure!
  6. Update: Good stuff GTO. I listened to an interview with Harry Leary yesterday. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Thanks GTO! I'll be checking it out otday.
  8. Are there any old school focused podcasts out there? These days I find myself listening to podcastsmore than music while working, or at the workbench.
  9. this one reminds me of my 2011 Floval Flyer. Same color scheme. If I haven't posted a pic yet, I will...
  10. I like the font used for the logo. Looks like something from a long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away...
  11. I think my head is going to pop. This is the kind of stuff that really makes my day. This is the first site I check in the mornings, as I drink my first cup of joe, and lately the content has been stellar. This is a prime example. Really good stuff, Brian. The sided by side shots are really interesting, as well as the written word. Quality stuff.
  12. WHat kind of tire is on the front? In my locale, around '74/'75 those were the tire to have. If a dude was running those, he was the envy of the neighborhood.