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  1. this one reminds me of my 2011 Floval Flyer. Same color scheme. If I haven't posted a pic yet, I will...
  2. I like the font used for the logo. Looks like something from a long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away...
  3. I think my head is going to pop. This is the kind of stuff that really makes my day. This is the first site I check in the mornings, as I drink my first cup of joe, and lately the content has been stellar. This is a prime example. Really good stuff, Brian. The sided by side shots are really interesting, as well as the written word. Quality stuff.
  4. WHat kind of tire is on the front? In my locale, around '74/'75 those were the tire to have. If a dude was running those, he was the envy of the neighborhood.
  5. The absolute best thing I've read on this site in a month of Sundays. Great bike and phenomenal article!
  6. Nice! I have a hat just like that as well with my name on it. The thing that amazed me about Scot, was his memory. He remembered so many people and places and things... it was inceadible. Stoked you got the hat!
  7. That R&R info is very interesting. The first real-deal BMX frame I had was an R&R, but it was the one that had the teardrop shaped down tube. I always thought R&Rs looked very sleek and racey. Just saw another thread about the R&R... the one I had was called the Smoker. I have some photos somewhere...
  8. Cripes... I don't have any glamor shots. Just me on my Tuff bikes from the old days. Maybe I'll post them on IG.
  9. Nice. I don't know Bo Diddley about freestyle bikes, but in the first pic with the closeup of the cranks, it looks like it is textured on the upper surface with the pedal forward and shiney smooth on the lower. Is this to give extra traction for tricks and such?
  10. holy cow... Mangalloy. There's a word I haven'y heard in decades. And those Schwinn tires... I really liked the front when I still ran 2.125 front, 1.75 rear. That is one, sweet bike.
  11. Cripes... very nice. I like the black chain ring best, meself. I am going to start the slow process of getting my '81 Quad built back up. Quadangle= Alltime Favorite Bike!
  12. That. Is. Sweet! And PReston Petty grips! I loved those things. Those and Malcolm Smith were my favorite grips. Always had to buy two pairs for use on the BMXs though...