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  1. As mentioned above, FitBike makes a 22 that looks very Mongoose-ish in appearance. Chrome, rainbow prism decals in the Mongoose style with very similar looking font. I came really close to getting one, but opted to build up a 20" instead.
  2. I totally remember this. I was 6'1" and I thought something a bit larger than twenty would be perfect. 26 seemed to big to me and I wasn't quite sold on 24. When this article came out, I was kind of hoping for a revolution, since I thought it was the perfect solution. It seems I remember Stu making remarks about the size, but can't remember if it was pro or con. A few years back when I saw the 22" Fit, I commented to my son that it wasn't a new idea and that it was tossed around a bit in the '80s.
  3. Sounds right. Those look exactly like mine that I got in '82.
  4. I have one of the blueprints (a copy) of the Stick drawn over the looptail that I got from Scot... can't remember the dates though.
  5. Holy cow, Steve. That's the best thing I've seen in a long time. Caught a quick glimpse of an R&R at about the 4:10 mark. Was also digging the upturned roady drops on one of the kids bikes. That sure brings back memories...good times. Those kinds of tracks were so much fun to ride, and so different from the tracks of today. Thanks for posting it.
  6. Here's mine: Purchased in August 1981 from a shop in Fresno, CA. Frame only. Serial 3146 Weight from a UPS scale: 5 lbs exactly bare frame Top tube diameter: 1 9/64" with paint Original color: Red. Flaked off in chunks not long after I got it, hence the non-original color.
  7. Sad stuff. I used to stay in touch with him quite a bit. Was always a really nice guy... always friendly. In '81 or so, when I was on the local SE Factory Hot Shop team, I went over to check out the bus. He was the one that invited me to come in and hang out. He wa also the first pro to sign my form needed to get my pro card in the ABA. RIP Rod...
  8. Here's a question: Back in the day, we always referred to the PK Ripper as a PK. In this trailer, the kid refers to it as a Ripper. What did you all call it?
  9. Holy cow! These are nice! How can I order a desert camo and jungle camo together to combine shipping?
  10. I'd go Klunker style: coaster in the back with some fat tires; Motorcycly type MX bars; Brookes Flyer saddle.
  11. J&D... that is one of the places I raced when I went to Fresno to visit my grandparents. I think I raced there twice. The people that ran the shop were great. Did they run UBR and ABA at that track?
  12. Thats a good one. I have the card with the bus on it that SE sent me when I was on the local factory hotshop team. I've posted it before (a number of times) so won't bore you all again with it. I was really stoked when I got it though... I felt like I was somebody!!! LAL
  13. Holy cow Steve... you just gave me a serious case of the flashbacks! Summer '74. Me and pop on the laundry room floor. He disassembled my Bendix hub showed me where everything was and what it did. Reassembled it. Then he shoves it towards me and says, "Now its your turn." That is how I learned to work on them. I used to blow some of my friends minds when I would tear theirs down. And I would show them the same way my pop showed me. And I started racing on a coaster brake bike in 1980. I even ran it on my Quadangle for a bit in '81. Great, great post, Steve.
  14. Holy cow... that is a bummer. Like about 99% of people my age, On Any Sunday got ma going in both motorcycles and BMX. Some of the best memories of my life come from that time period. Sad day...
  15. ...from a few years back? If I remember correctly, it was a deal where the bikes were paid for first then once he had enough orders or something they would be built. Seemed like quite a bit of hoopla about it, but never heard anything else. Does anyone remember this and what happened with it?
  16. That was my favorite BMX of all time. I had a blast there: I got third in the jumping contest; got to check out the SE bus (I was on an SE Hot Shop Team); watched Jeff Kosmala make his jump in the jumping contest, which produced a very well known photo; Got to witness the event that led to the Kos having a Tuff wheel in the back and spokes up front in said photo; got a bunch of autographs for my mom's BMXA mag with the double spread photo of a ton of pros; watched the Vans trick team; and most of all, was one of the few National events I went to that my pop got to go. Great, great memories.
  17. I changed to Flickr some months back mainly because PB was getting so bleedin' slow. What is lame right now, is I now want to move my stuff from PB to Flickr. I downloaded my first album and then uploaded it to Flickr. Second album... no go. I can't get anything to download now. Anybody else have this problem? Thanks goodness I have all my photos on hard drives as well.
  18. The Action Now photo is the one I saw way back when. Action Now was my favorite mag back when... all the stuff I liked in one handy package.
  19. Thanks. One thing that saddens me, and one of the ultra-few things I could change about my BMX past, is my lack of participation in other sanctions. I was deeply ingrained in the ABA (why, I don't know), and the thought of joining anything else never entered my mind, so I missed a bunch of other stuff.
  20. That is a great photo. The only other photo I have seen of a 24x26. The other was of Scot B zipping down a hill. I always thought it was a cool idea. I wonder how well it worked in practice.
  21. Hey, that is my hometown. Cool shot. What mag is this?