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  1. praying for you brother.... still have those DVDs you sent me all those years ago
  2. looking for landing gear threadless fork in brown... old school wheelset in blue... any body got anything ?

    1. craig66


      still looking........

  3. has not set their status

  4. thanks guys... get back to me with the CW parts, and jon, stickers?? yay! Spur, email me... cfresch@verizon.net PAt, yep thats the dungeon.. my secret cellar workshop where the wife dare not go! one more
  5. yep, still got the GT, but now it has some ugly forks on it til I get some good forks for the CW. Kyle, those bars are Race inc. but they are BEAT!!
  6. needs different bars and post, and grips but rides great!! I know the pick aint great, but I took it at 4am in my cellar!
  7. How bout "Better Off Dead"?? I want my 2 dollars!!
  8. beautiful... send it here...
  9. wow!! Is that the Molly Ringwald edition?? I like the colored stuff... cool build!
  10. good on you pat... just like that "ET" bike... and the old school oreo bike!!
  11. wasnt that built to ride across antarctica on??
  12. is it the same guy with the hedstrom "ET" bike?? oy! funny, his ebay name is fast-1... I think thats what hes trying to pull!