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  1. That is very nice. I wouldn’t have an issue with a restore on it.
  2. Cool stuff. Love to see everyone racing with there protective hats. Just love this old stuff.
  3. Found this picture at my mothers house as we where over there cleaning thing out. 1975 I'm the one with the crutches. I broke my ankle on the last day of school. The kid sitting on the mono was our next door neighbor Ronny. He and his grandfather built it. The other mono on the ground was my brothers. He made with help of another kid down the street. He is the others one with the hat. The othe bike on the ground was mine. I think a hawthorn frame with some gussets and schwinn parts. And the other kid was Mike he raced my bike that day. I haven't seen this in 30 yrs.
  4. You never know when you will get lucky. Sometimes people will ship even though they say won't. All you have to do is ask.
  5. Wow yours has the one part I don't. The chain guard. Graco frames where different from the rest. With the dual down tube. Most of the others where the some. My son on ours. A roadway I have
  6. I wish. I'm in Michigan. All I can do is look at the pictures and think about all the fun. Maybe some day. Gary
  7. The bars are crazy small. I got 2 sets of the grips when I got the other parts. I have another graco it's a MX1000 missing all the plastic and the seat. Haven't decided what I'm doing with that one. Thank for the coments guys. Gary
  8. I haven't weighed it but it weighs a ton. It's heavier than a Matthews mono
  9. I got this last summer at a car show. It was missing the tank, rear fender, some of the number plates, and grips. Found a guy that had the parts nos. Think it looks good for a mostly surviver.