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  1. 41-45 Cruiser heading out in a few hours just got sent a few pics of the track. I was also told track is bumpy but fast. Wish me luck all first national in over 26 years You will not be able to miss me 6ft6 on a SE brown floval and my helmet doesn't match. Hopefully my new SE Jersey and pants that are waiting for me when I get there fit. The goal is to have fun!!!!!
  2. New School Quad 24" with floval tubing and euro bottom. I currently race a 2009 floval and would love to race the quad. I'm 6ft6 I need a big bike. But with the bottom bracket even with a adapter would still add weight. Yes I'm a big guy and dont like the idea of a adapter taking a beating of 260# racing 3x per week and practice. Heading to the Sooner Nationals this weekend with the floval. I just ordered the 2010 floval xl
  3. Mediablast it see how bad it was before the old repairs were done. Find a shop who can do the welding correctly. good finish work shouldn't need bondo. Filler is for small imperfections not to hide a shitty weld.
  4. What numbers do you need there are move I even found some old mongoose numbers.
  5. In total about 2000 - numbers. I have contacted zeronine to date them. I might just put the whole box and ebay who knows. If you look in the forth photo you can see the prism numbers from the late 70's early 80's.
  6. I was looking in my parents attic looking for some of my old parts. I came across a box it had numbers written on it. I was hoping it was my old number plates but it wasn't. Instead I found a box with a bunch of stuff that was pre 1985 photos and such. At the bottom of the box was accordion file full of numberplate numbers. They are all Zeronine or Haro all different sizes. I took a picture of the packaging from the oldest numbers it is the old zeronine packaging from around 1978. I had a thing about wanting new numbers every race so i changed them all of the time i had 4 race bikes and they had to be different.
  7. I was at the shop picking up my numbers for the bike and the guy came out with a box and i spotted these. He had about 20 of each number in the pictures. I asked what he wanted for them and I purchased them all.
  8. And yes I used search to try and find the answer.
  9. I started tearing down the boss pro i purchased. I was Cleaning this up it had Zeroline numbers on it. Decals came off without damage. Is this a real Haro plate or not? It has no velcro it is Zip Tie. TIA B
  10. I posted here first see the times for the posts.