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  1. Forgot to say that I am glad you guys are enjoying what's there so far. I am still tweaking the site a bit. Right now I am focusing on getting the site seen by the different search engines...Not sure how long it will take, but, hoping it will be a little easier to find going forward. Good luck on the Sting build. Glad the site helped you get things kicked off. In terms of the seat post I know that Strong was one of the schwinn approved providers. I saw a nos blue ano one a few years ago. Really wish I had bought that one...
  2. I am thinking that I will probably grow the content out over time and bring in the rest of the Stings, but, I will need some help getting pictures of the bikes and parts. I am mainly focused on the Sting for now. But, if anyone has pics and information I would be glad to see it so that I can start planning my next steps.
  3. I set up a Sting reference site that I thought I would share here. I am looking to get feedback from other collectors to get the best possible information on the Sting. Lots of work has been done, but, it is still a work in progress. However, there are lots of great pictures out there of everything from "The Sting" decals to the various components used on the bike etc. I hope you enjoy: http://www.stingbmx.com/Welcome.html