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  1. ok finally was able to save the chrome on the Wind Styler so no powdercoat needed on this one but the elfs another story and i was able to hit up Nate at handybikes for some kick a$$ gen1 decals. Will show pics soon as i get this cam workin! some reason its being a pain in the behind to buff out though. grrrr gotta goto work guys, had another snow last night. Cheers, Moto
  2. once again and it goes without saying, Another job well done bret :24:
  3. I think the muxter, dental floss sign should be auctioned on the bay!
  4. hahaha he adds just the right amount of trickery and could make a wooden spoon shine i bet. another job well done bro! :24:
  5. hey bro id go with all black and chrome but just my opinion. black maxi cross cranks would look sick on there with the black z rims, a black seat, chrome post with black excaliber clamp, chrome db bars, black grips and a black stem. that just my humble opinion though :40:
  6. yeah thats what the ad said 699. EUR...i was like whaaaaaaaaaaat? lol maybe i was in french site or somethin but yeah thats like 699.00 EUR Euro = 911.155 USD United States Dollars woah
  7. Another good stripper for your Race inc. Mux is Loctite chisel gasket remover, hardly any rubbing except around welds. Ummm, make sure you have nothing black near the bike when you do it because my mountain bike now has wierd green spots from overspray LOL its like 8 bucks a can and usually takes a can and a half for frame/fork bro but gets it done in about 20 minutes or so start to finish
  8. id get one but certainly not for that much, 700 euro and no forks? maybe find one on the bay some day
  9. this is first I heard of them, The top one is ok but i dont like the welded piece under downtube at the headtube, the bottom one however is preeety darn neat lookin with from what i can tell ,nice welds or however they get that thing together LOL
  10. one more yucky pic, brake adjust on seat tube
  11. No bend bro, here ya go heres a terrible pic, the huge bottom tube is kinda pinched at headtube. Oversized seatpost,Chevron stamps on dropouts, Cantilever lower mounts, or the top regular brake mount. light as heck and chrome, not aluminum i dont think though. cool bike for a newer one and at least its a Haro lol
  12. This ones called a Porn 3, same company, i like the gusset thingy, anyone else?
  13. heres a look at as far as i know a european newschool bicycle its called a leToy made by the company Twenty Four Bicycles, kinda nice but not for 700 whopping Euro! :22:
  14. Gunna be a cool ride when your done bro and nope not my cam man i ripped mine out of my puter :12: