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  1. http://theweek.com/article/index/264847/the-bmx-boys-of-et Boone EDIT: Full story here: http://narrative.ly/on-two-wheels/the-bmx-boys-of-et/
  2. Nice work! Shouldn't be hard to get those tuffs looking good either. I'd get some washers between the axle nuts and dropouts too.
  3. Finally finished this one, pumped to ride it! Cables and grips not vintage, everything else is (all from yard and estate sales). Took me a lot of searching to find these Carlisle tires. Boone
  4. Check it: http://mauricemeyer.com/cgi/mm.pl?page=BMX/History%20of%20Skyway%20Tuff%20Wheels
  5. Hey what about Kenny Roberts? Did he have his own company? When did it start?
  6. Oh snap, that is a good one! So as far as I can tell, SE started in 1977, Haro 1978? How about Addicks? 1976? Boone Edit: Found it! Addicks was in fact started in 1976 according to: http://www.addicks.com/addicks_pid_about.htm
  7. Any thoughts on this? Who was the first to start a rider owned BMX company? Boone
  8. Daaaaaammmmmmmmmnnnnnn, SON!!! Dig thw seat!
  9. I've found USPS to be the cheapest lately, but you have to make your box(es) measure in under the balloon charge. The last two road bikes I shipped, I sent in two boxes each and it was way less than shipping them each in one that was over the balloon measurements.
  10. It's not that he had the stuff that bothers me. It's that he had it, teased people that he was willing to sell, then pulled the rug out from under them after they spent hours in the sun, digging though piles and basically helping him determine what was/wasn't "valuable". And now, on top of that - is asking people to give him money so he can rebuild. It's complete bullshit.
  11. Actually, I'm willing to help him out... Once he gets some money together, he is invited to go through my stash and buy whatever he wants to get the museum going again. Except for those - those aren't for sale. Oh, neither is that. Or that. Not that either. He can take the Schwinn Scrambler though. It's his for the very low price of $8200 bucks
  12. Did anyone catch the last line of this article? He's asking people to donate so he can rebuild... http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/region_northern_az/payson/red-cross-opens-shelter-near-rye-ariz Yeah, let me give him some money so he can pile some more bikes up outside
  13. Hey guys, Almost have this pioneering freestyle build complete. It's a 78 team frame with redline forks, etc. Sorry about the crappy pic. I'll take more/better once it's complete. Cheers, Boone