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  1. thx for posting link to the ramp jam ..and really all the comments and photos/ helps to motavate me ...cool cool stuf.
  2. Hey,thx for sharing that bit of info.I dont feal so alone now.they say misery loves company.Hope ya heal quickly man.Ric......
  3. So ya..its official.I broke my arm on x-mas day.Now hold on to your seats.Was it from riding at the skate park.Ok well sorta. Just after I had this really great session at the phx skate park,i decided to bust a few ground moves to wooooo the little kids there.So im just doing a surfer,lil guy looks up at Me and says do that one footed.Im like no problem!I got this.I did a one footed scurfer to hand plant to snap(the sound i still hear in my ears).So i was so happy with my great day at the park ,that i waited thru x-mas dinner till later that night to go to the hospital.Tomorrow i see a specialist to see if there going to do surgery.I'm not detured from my love of riding.But it is a major bummer after just breaking my other arm last yr.argh.......ya the 45 and over freestlye class rocks guys !
  4. Yea ,its a backwards acid drop in. Heres a couple of how 2's to show better what i did in that photo
  5. Hey guys thx for all the cool comments lately.Means so much to me after some really tough times here. Today was one for the record books.I went to the skate park and pulled two backwards rubber rides. So i rushed home and told mom and dad!Dad ,mom,come out side.Hold this camera,and just click as i ride past you. Mom shouts out,"arn't you going to wear your protective gear?"I replyed with embarrassment,"No Mom,that gear is only for the skate parks" So heres the results,I pulled a few more Rubber rides for them and you guys. I hadn't tryed a rubber ride in over 5 yrs. So to my surprise,i can still bust a move. Stellas got her grove back! MERRY X-MAS to all my BMX Brothers and Sisters out there.
  6. Hey guys ,i ve spent the whole day copying pictures for my family.while doing so i found these old pictures from 1980-1 .I lived in pennsylvania ,would ride 25 miles on my GT racing bike to the local track to practice the track and my gate starts. After a while brian and i started doing freestyle too.so the pics with us in racing gear was after we'd race,we'd be all pumped up to be the new RL and Mike Buff trick team.Later pics are of me back in 1983-4 just before GT picked me up.the old wooden ramp was 1983,was my 1st half pipe to ever try in crockett ca.Then i found some pictures of Martin Aparijo ,Beatle Roscrans and myself riding on the Vans - GT -usa Tour.One photo shows martin and me droping in the 1/4 pipe.Martin and myself interacting with kids on tour and our great sence of fassion back then.When on tour we stoped at my parents home in conneatlake ohio. Some other pics are of me doing Dropins off a rail at two different compton velodrome contests,my roomates covered my car with paper cheering me on to hopefully win.another pic was of me doing shows for haro in 1996 for some fair. Most of these pictures arent anything rad,just some more history for ya to soak in.laters
  7. HEY has anyone heard of how Roberts doing these days?I remember going to his home back in like 1984 ,meeting his parents and seeing how smart he was.HE WAS going to colledge and was just so freakin nice and tallented.He was the real deal.A friend first then all else came after.So hey if yOUR reading this Robert,say hi.Give us an update,and maybe post a picture or two of you today.Thx
  8. WOW!What a great time it looks like you guys had.I just had to comment on two things.One, that no-handed /face touching the tire air,was SO SO SO Rad!WOW! I'M like jealous and amazed all in one breathe.2.........damn you eddie fiolia for looking so good and for still owning that increadible CRX right side drive car of yours.I ACTUALLY bought a reg drive crx in red to be like you at one time.I T Is an amazing car even by todays standards.Congrats Randy on puting on such a successful event.I also noticed all the young young kids riding right next to there old school dads or just riding .Way cool stuff there too.
  9. Hey guys.I HOPE I come across ok with posting all of these photos lately.Some guys asked me to post what ever i had.so in my profile i have some of these already posted.My mom found most my old magazines and then today she polled out our old photo albums and to my disbelief,she also had alot of old photos from city =streets show,the bay watch show,intensity games show,and california adventures park shows i did.I worked for Sea World for 7 yrs ,phantasialand 1yr,and disneyland for 2yrs.When i went to germany,Woodyitson helped me out with a GT bike and equipment.when i came back to the states,he also had me help with some state fair shows.Also i did shows for perfection on wheels for schools.Later on i did shows for Sea World again and later for disney for Haro bikes.They were so generous and for 5 yrs gave me free bikes and gear to help with promotions for them,and stocked the hell outa myself.Thanks to both companyies ,Gt and Haro for all your help to this old school rider.So with all said and done,i didnt stop performing til 7 yrs ago.I decided with income and cheaper homes,to early retire. I recomend early retirement to everyone. So let me know what ya guys think.most of these photos have never been seen.Take care,RICK ALLISON PS,THE ONE PHOTO IS OF THE NEGATIVE FROM BMX ACTION MAGAZINE.Windy gave me that cool neg for my camero from the 1984 issure of action.Thanks windy,enjoy guys
  10. the last bike you posted is my favorite.great job.i really do like those bikes alot.the last one i had a couple yrs ago i gave to my neighbors granddaughter. she was my little princess.so i painted my lil mongoose pit bike for her in pink and gave it to her for x-mas. you just brought me back to that whole heart warming experiance.happy holidays and thx again for all the great mini biulds and photos.sweeet
  11. Hey your bike is so sweet,when you ride it ,repost more pics of you riding it.it really is that nice.im thinking on getting another hutch after seeing yours and one other guy on here who built up a baby blue 24'' Hutch cruzer. If i were to build one,it would look alot like yours.You hit this bike to the tee.thanks for the inspiration and to the great details of your photos. just had to post again.Im still drulling on my keyboard.:-)...
  12. Hey dave, i saw fotage of you at the old school get together.Man!you are as Awhsome as ever.back flip over box to back flip on 1/4 pipe to huge airs to bla bla bla.just amazing still today as you were back in the day.I really enjoy seeing the old school photos of you too.The miami hoper on the wall to drop in was really cool.thx for sharing such really really cool photos.
  13. Hey,this site is good for all of us,pro,amature,young ,old.just this passion we all have inside us is so amazing.i know your event will go smoothly.i remember living with bob moralez and helping him with his king of vert contests(i judged)to helping him with flyers and then later with his AFA memberships and news letters. who knows what lil thing we attach ourselves with today,what impact it may have on the future of our sport tommorrow.im past my bedtime.just had to post one last time here.And remember ,take lots of pics for us who cant make it.thx