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  1. No stamping anywhere. 83 era for sure.Came off an 83 GHP that my friend bought back then.Says he bought everything all at the sametime.Have had people say they were GT. Rise bar to bar is 6 1/4in. Knurling measures 2 1/8in. wide Thanks for the help!
  2. Maybe its me but that doesnt look like a looptail.More of a Robinson style rear?
  3. Could use some help with these.What are your thoughts? Thanks for the help. Looks like 11.5in. crossbar length' Total Length 27in.
  4. Heres a pic of my GHP 10-83 model.I got this from my buddy who worked all summer as a kid to save up for this frameset
  5. Ive seen those bars on alot of ELF bikes............
  6. Rod Miles 24 Skyway T/A........... If i get a fat tax return you are gonna get an email from me Mr.Miles.........MUHAHAHAHAHA
  7. Sounds good.Send some old bars to get done and wait and see how they come out. :32:
  8. I took my Skyway out this past Christmas morning and cruised up and down the block just like when i was a kid.The memories it brought back were better than anything else i got that day.......... Ride your bike and everyday can be like Christmas!!!! It keeps me young and happy inside,thats why i do it.
  9. Never does he say or even mention Sonlite in his auction. Quit reaching for things to complain about,go ride...................