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  1. great site. I dont post much, but i get a ton of info from this site and enjoy seeing everyone embrace original old school bmx products. its refreshing to see complete bikes posted here with no refinished parts and everyone enjoy the character and no one suggest the best powder coater to send them off to
  2. swwet bike, and a great band (Hot Tuna)
  3. I wouldn't lower myself to post something like that, on an informational thread like this. thankfully i dont take myself or the internet as seriously as you do.
  4. ha, so true. cool bike and i love how well used it looks.
  5. great thread, that pistol pete looks great
  6. i really like this one, the paint looks great, nice part selection and the gold is super classy.
  7. have you finished the redline matt? looks sweet. right now im working on finally getting every last piece exactly how i want it on my 85 street beat, ive said it before but after i find a couple more parts its DONE.
  8. probably my peregrine bars. not too special, but they are the bars i had on my last two bikes before i stopped riding in my teens for a while. they were my most vivid memories of any old school stuff i used to ride and i still love them now.
  9. sweet pick up. those cw bars look cool on there.
  10. thats pretty cool, unique down tube.
  11. that bike looks great matt, love the details in your builds. the way it turned out far surpasses anything i had envisioned from that frame originally.
  12. nice. like the green alot, and the grey they come in. good condition down to those sweet grips.
  13. thanks! i really enjoyed staring at that stuff! green gt seat gives me beautiful visions of a green 86 PP