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  1. 1981 26" Nomura Racing Cruiser I bought this bike earlier this year after the owner reached out to me on Facebook. It turns out this bike used to belong to a permanent member of this site who was an avid Nomura enthusiast and historian. Many of you may remember "Bomat" as he was very involved in identifying and tracking down all things Nomura. Anyway as it turns out Bomat had gifted this bike to his son a bunch of years back. The bike was originally purchased by Bomat from Wade Nomura in 1981 and is reflected as such in Wade's original log book. This is frame #20 out of the 41 26" frames made by Nomura Racing. The bike currently sits exactly how I purchased it with the exception of the saddle, I replaced this as the original saddle had severely bent rails. I would call the bike a survivor, but Bomat made changes over the years and this reflects his final build state. The entire bike is 100% original finish and decals. I am really stoked to own this fine machine, I hope you guys enjoy it. Parts breakdown: Frame: Factory Polished 26" Nomura Racing Cruiser Fork: Chrome, 26" Cook Brothers Racing Bars: Chrome, Prodyne Cruiser Stem: Blue, Pro Neck (inverted) Headset: Blue, Tange MX5 Saddle: Black, Elina Super Pro Seat Post: Chrome, 13/16 Race Inc. Seat clamp: Blue, Excalibur Rims: Blue, Araya 26x1.75 (shiny side) Hubs: Blue, ACS Brakes: Blue, Dia Compe MX1000 Brake Lever: Blue, Shimano DX Brake Pads: Silver, Scott Mathauser Chain Ring: Blue, Takagi 130BCD Spider: Blue, Pro Neck Power Disk Chain Ring Bolts: Blue, Sugino Cranks: Chrome, Redline 401 flight cranks in 175mm Bottom bracket: Blue, Hadley sealed Pedals: Silver, Shimano DX Tires: Black, 26" Cheng Shin comp IIIs 26x1.75 Grips: Black, Oakley .5s
  2. Yeah, a big thank you to Steve for putting on the BOTY show. I truly enjoy having this online show to participate in and to vote on all the classes and see everyone's bikes during the holidays.
  3. 26" The Original Cruiser Class

  4. Hers and Hers Gary Littlejohn 26" ladies cruisers. The blue one is a 1979 and the red one is a 1978.
  5. Thanks a ton for all the compliments guys. I am really happy I went away from the questionable Bullseye parts. Also super stoked to have finally found an original Bottema fork for her.
  6. Just saw this thread and thought I would add my 26" VDC oval tubing fork. Exactly like 1st gen Traker fork but in 26"
  7. Thanks for the compliments on the build. The wheel set I had built (not a wheel builder, yet). I was extremely lucky in that I was able to pick up a set of NOS 26" wheels that had these rare non shiny side Ukai speed line rims. I was then even more lucky that at the same time another seller was selling a single orphan 24" rim that was an exact match. At some point I will build up the extra 26" rim into another rear wheel so I can use this wheel set on any one of my 26" cruisers. I am lovin on these rims!
  8. Hey Owl, the fork came on a original chrome DG Volcan 26" cruiser I bought a while back. The owner indicated that the bike was his fathers and that his father used to own the largest DG dealership on the west coast in San Diego. He also indicated that his father and Voris had been friends. The Vulcan had other VDC parts on it as well, VDC KKT pedal extenders and a set of VDC monkey pro bars (odd for a cruiser). I ended up not liking the Volcan frame very much and sold it, but had to keep the forks. Glad I did as I feel they match up with this frame very well. John McHenry ran Tange TRX forks on the bike originally (I still have the original set that came with the frame).
  9. Thanks for all the compliments guys. This bike was really fun to build and research. One additional fun fact about the frame: This frame is the last Nomura 26" cruiser built.
  10. This frame is 1 of 13 26/24" Nomura cruisers made. 4 of the 13 had custom serial numbers. This is one of the 4 custom serial numbered frames. This frame in stamped "McHenry" on the bottom bracket. For John McHenry a Nomura factory rider out of Cortez CO. I bought the frame earlier this year from another collector who had bought it from John him self. I was lucky enough to finish the build right before the show in June. Hope you guys like the build. Everything is 100% original finish and decals. Parts breakdown: Frame: Polished, 26/24" Nomura cruiser (Factory Rider) Fork: Chrome, 26" VDC oval tubing (Traker) Bars: Chrome, 1st gen GT cruiser bars Stem: Blue, Tuf Neck (tiger stamped) Headset: Chrome, Tange MX-2 Saddle: Black, Uni Hammer Head Seat clamp: Blue Dia Compe hinged Rims: Ukai speed line 26x1.75 (non shiny side) Hubs: Silver, Phil Wood 1st gen Freewheel: Black, Suntour 17t Chain Ring: Blue, Sugino 43t Spider: Silver, Sugino aluminum Cranks: Chrome, Takagi Cro-mo 180mm Bottom bracket: Silver, Hatta loose ball Pedals: Blue, Shimano DX Tires: Black, 26" Comp III Fat/Skinny combo Grips: Black, Oakley .5 Brakes: Blue, Dia Compe MX-1000 w/Shimano DX Lever Brake pads: Blue, Cool Stop fined w/orange pads
  11. Rebuilt my 1981 Nomura 26" Cruiser. This is the 10th 26" cruiser frame Nomura built out of the 45 total produced. The frame was fabricated on 3/31/1981, 1 of only 7 frames that came in black anodized finish. Hope you like the new build. All parts are original finish with the exception of the frame. Parts breakdown: Frame: Black, 26" Nomura cruiser Fork: Chrome, 26" Bottema Bars: Chrome, 1st gen GT cruiser bars Stem: Black, Tuf Neck square corner invert cruiser stem Headset: Blue, Hatta MX-100 Saddle: Black, Elina Super Pro Seat clamp: Blue Dia Compe two bolt Rims: Ambrosio Hard anodized 26x1.75 Hubs: Silver, Son-Lite Turbo Freewheel: Black, Suntour 17t Chain wheel: Silver, RedLine Flight 43t Cranks: Chrome, Redline Flight cranks 180mm Bottom bracket: Black, Suntour Sealed Pedals: Blue, KKT LMX Magnesium Tires: Black, 26" IRC Racer X-1 Fat/Skinny combo Grips: Black, Oury MX Brakes: Blue, Dia Compe MX-1000 w/Shimano DX Lever Brake pads: Silver, 1st gen Scott Mathauser - NOS
  12. Thank you Dan, I had it at the OS show, but I do not think it was seen by many.