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  1. Just trying to figure out what I have here, been searching for days and figured I would ask the experts. Any idea what this fork is? This was on an orange Webco Ultimate that I asked about a while back. I am thinking an early FMF but I have read that there was a webco round prototype fork that factory riders were testing that looked almost exactly like the fmf! A couple people emailed me telling me it was cook bros but the taper looks all wrong to be a cbr and I think they only had 2 holes. Any thoughts?
  2. Thanks, how can you tell? What year might it be?
  3. I recently picked up an oval gusset Webco but not sure what model it is. It has the oval gusset but how do I know if it is a Team, Expert or an Ultimate? It has a square brake bridge, the serial numbers are W42909 and it was originally painted orange under the coat of white, grey, red and black paint.
  4. Great site, one of these days I will check some of my old hard drives and see if I can find a picture of the blue ntkk tires I had for you. Chris
  5. So tell me Just..Me..Chillin', do you think the set I have here is magnesium, looking at the color, it does not look like aluminum.
  6. I would love to see an ad also. I posted these on another site and was told they were Magnesium. The casting looks a darker gray color than any aluminum I have ever seen (more like my old magnesium vw engine block) but I would like to know for sure.
  7. I just found this ad, I have been searching everywhere for the same answer on this set of pedals I have pictured below. I have these nos pedals and they look different than the smoothe aluminum bodies I have seen in the past, they are also a little darker in color than aluminum.
  8. I didn't see any pictures of these so I thought I would post them. Sorry about the quality but at least there is one for reference
  9. I hope that is not how you make your bends for your frames. Just kidding! Can't wait to see one. Nice to see something made in the U.S.A