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  1. There is a picture out there somewhere of John racing downhill mtb and he is riding an early bmx cruiser all geared up. Gotta see if I can find it again.
  2. I would enjoy it as much as you if I owned it. Nice boinger. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I filled the bathtub full of hot water and dish soap and soaked them and then scrubbed them with a tire brush. They are dry and cracked but they are the original C183 Cheng Shin so I wanted to keep them. The original tubes even still hold air OK maybe you guys are gonna laugh at me but I put some armor all on some old cracked swallow tires and they look brand new.
  4. Nice job. Did you do anything to the tires?
  5. Talked to him at Velo Swap in November. He looked good. I think you can contact him through his web site. I also grabbed a Kuwi poster from him although I am not really into Kuwis. ET is the man though.
  6. You are totally right. I must be getting old. That really does look like Jim but he never owned a Nishiki. Jim, me, Andy and couple of other guys went to high school in Cheyenne and sat together at the "geeks" table. Andy was already an amazing artist and I remember when he won the BMXA drawing contest. Hey Steve.
  7. I think I remember that day. The guy on the blue DG to the right is Jim Boese. Andy and Jim had the first DG's in Cheyenne. Jim wouldn't let me get one cause he wanted to have the only one in Cheyenne.
  8. My latest cruiser. More like a klunker replica. I painted the frame myself using templates off of eBay.
  9. I don't know. Every Huffy fork I ever saw had a similar rake, eventually anyway.
  10. Man I hope I don't take a digger on my new bike. I will keep my seat up to prevent me from landing on the back tire. Up until now I had never ridden a bike with disc brakes. Not a BMX, but I ride it the same.
  11. Those aren't normal CYC welds. The CYC welds I have seen have been crap.