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  1. Holy grail of BMX stems!
  2. Here a pic of a real Tecmatic BB, the bearings are way different:
  3. is...Hunting for NOS goodness from the 80's.

  4. Thank you for you kind words, I am changing the gear sizes from 25/9 to 42/16. I tried to be all new school and rock 25/9, but it just doesn't look right. I'll post pics once I switch out the chainwheel for a spider/chainring combo, it should give it that old school flair I am looking for.
  5. I finished up my 2010 VDC Freestyler 20 tribute build. I would like to thank Voris Dixon for all of his creative energy in this build, he has fabricated a bike that I am sure my sister Sarah would have loved.
  6. A big thanks to Voris Dixon for taking great care and pride in building this bike. The bike was built as a tribute to my sister Sarah Morgan Percival. She passed away unexpectedly last year and I did this bike as a memorial. The serial # is her date of birth, 040685.<br />The bike was built using the specs from my Sunday Funday Pro.
  7. I'm going custom also with a 2011 VDC 20" Freestyler. Voris Dixon and I worked on the specs for the bike together. The serial # is my late sister's D.O.B. The frame set should be painted and ready for shipment by the end of next week, thank you Voris! It will be this color: All pics by VDC.