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  1. Just as a side, I see Biaggio at Vert-Ego in the UK has resurfaced again and is selling a bunch of NOS Tuf Neck and Pro Neck stems on eBay, including inverted ones. He's only asking $350 for the Pro Necks and $399 for the Tuf Necks in a bunch of anno colors. When I say 'only' I mean that seems reasonable in the market right? I would normally expect Vert-Ego to see something like these for $1,000 a piece lol http://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-BMX-TUF-NECK-STEM-RED-NEW-IN-BAG-INVERTED-CRUISER-PATENT-PENDING-OLD-SCHOOL-/291611328297?hash=item43e563bf29:g:l2AAAOSwAYtWPobR
  2. can you say "lawsuit" lol What's the history on this frame set?
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    very cool!
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    holy crap that's awesome. Love the Comp IIs. I think you need some Star Bars, just for the hell of it lol
  7. There's a little editorial in that issue that explains the change At the time I was an avid BMX Plus! reader - the April '82 issue was the first BMXA issue I ever bought and I was instantly hooked - the style was quite different to BMX Plus! I went back to the store and picked up the previous issue (with the old logo) as they had one left. This was at a time when magazines took several months to arrive in the store - being in New Zealand we had to wait a long time! I stil have both issues and pretty much every BMXA and Plus! up to '88 though I sold my copy of Freestlyin' vol.1 for $100 lol
  8. PS: on the shelf above the bed - I'm sure that's an SE Racing poster or ad?
  9. thanks for the blow up Steve - that is actually a pretty tricked out bike for '82. RA cro-mo bars? Looks like Oakley .5s, DiaCompe stuff, Comp II tires….. I'm guessing it's a red or blue frame set.
  10. Hey guys, I was at MoMA the other week and came across a very cool B&W photograph by Joan Albert. It's called "Nathan In His Room" and is from 1982. He has a pretty cool Race Inc with him (no doubt his pride and joy) and I'm sure those of us of the same age can relate to this pic. Never seen it before but just great - sorry there doesn't seem to be a large copy anywhere: http://www.moma.org/collection/browse_results.php?criteria=O%3AAD%3AE%3A99&page_number=2&template_id=1&sort_order=1
  11. well I always wanted SSTs for my GHP but - uhhhhhhh - lol