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  1. Brett Kimble/3rd Gear is a name I have not heard from since the mid-2000s. Sorry to hear he isn't well.
  2. Quite possibly - was there ever a baby blue one?
  3. so that's six - I'm gonna say orange for number seven?
  4. Well let's see: 1) black 2) blue 3) yellow 4) red 5) white are the only ones I can think of in the original lineup (or at least the most popular era with the rainbow Uni logo) - did white come later? Maybe 7 was typo? They later redesigned them with a silver UNI logo on the sides of the seats, like the Uni Turbo. The Turbo of course came in a bunch of other colors like green.
  5. this thread lives again! In this recent interview with Mike over at Big Bike BMX he mentions that he used to give way his bikes to kids in his neighborhood so it's quite possible that bike you had belonged to Mike https://youtu.be/SAKqOKf_ObQ
  6. very cool looking mini - only briefly heard of Navajo over the years.
  7. Just saw Craig Turner is making a frame set called The Bandolero. Obvious Bandito influence on the frame drop outs.
  8. I saw that on Jeff's Instagram.
  9. Just as a side, I see Biaggio at Vert-Ego in the UK has resurfaced again and is selling a bunch of NOS Tuf Neck and Pro Neck stems on eBay, including inverted ones. He's only asking $350 for the Pro Necks and $399 for the Tuf Necks in a bunch of anno colors. When I say 'only' I mean that seems reasonable in the market right? I would normally expect Vert-Ego to see something like these for $1,000 a piece lol http://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-BMX-TUF-NECK-STEM-RED-NEW-IN-BAG-INVERTED-CRUISER-PATENT-PENDING-OLD-SCHOOL-/291611328297?hash=item43e563bf29:g:l2AAAOSwAYtWPobR
  10. can you say "lawsuit" lol What's the history on this frame set?