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  1. Thanks so much for the votes and for putting this show on again. It's a privilege to even have a bike entered and considered. Stoked to see Vicsta's Super Stroker get the runner up. I love that build!
  2. Love ya bud, let's have a coffee and jump some curbs in the parking lot. \ I like the way you handle your comments. It doesn't always have to be said with a negative tone or animosity. Coffee is on me!
  3. It seems like every time I stop by to check in on this site with some of my free time, there's some asshole comment quoting out and carrying on out of context. Very high school if that. It's pretty disheartening. But please, continue shitting on each other. Ladies love drama.
  4. I reported it a couple days ago. Surprised it's still up.
  5. I think that's the best compliment you could possibly ask for Joe. I look forward to seeing it done up.
  6. Thanks for posting pics Ryan. It looks bad ass. Great work Joe! I hope to see it soon.
  7. Nice Joe! I'm looking forward to seeing the build.
  8. Congrats Joe. How fun! Looking forward to seeing it done.
  9. My NOS Peddlepower frame and jerseys probably. My NOS with box Powerlite Jr. My original race bikes too but they're just common Powerlite's.
  10. Here's some of my Peddlepower and Powerlite gear.
  11. I've got them on a 77 Peddlepower with OG "Pro" decals. The first ad was from 78 I believe. About 1/3 of the way down the leg, they become ovalized too.
  12. For what it's worth, I recently had a NOS, standard Euro BMX BB. I sold it to a friend that needed it. I thought it was weird because the Cook Euro BB's are press in. It had the tags and everything.