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  1. J!m

    Or, maybe he saw that Avatar picture of yours and thought better of it...
  2. J!m

    I always have weird dreams... By the way, I contacted JoJan with a link to this thread. We should have some comments from him soon....
  3. J!m

    EVERYONE who goes has a blast- or they have me to answer to! The next one should be better than the last!
  4. J!m

    Small ramps are no problem. The town actually HAD a small collection of ramps in this very space not too long ago, but I think the neighbors complained about the noise on the (METAL) ramps, and they took them out. Now those kids have to go back to smoking crack and playing video games every afternoon... We could easily do a small launch ramp into the grassy field (reduced injuries for our arthritic bones) and go for distance... But I know the young ones will be there. I can easily promote around the neighborhoods in the area- when I go to that spot and roll around unannounced, the kids come out to check out my old bike and weird tricks I do with (*gasp*) brakes! I would have no problem with (and even encourage) a 'new-school' section of the program so the young-ins can throw down with grandpa on the tarmac...
  5. J!m

    The last of my "rated G" photos... (Kids, don't try this at home!) For those who were in attendance, I can send you copies of all the unedited, high-resolution photos on one action-packed CD! Just cover shipping (USPS priority mail is ~$5.00) and I'll burn some CD's and send them out... PM me!
  6. J!m

    More photos... I have 9 more to load later...
  7. J!m

    I used to have a 1/2 pipe in the back yard, but I doubt it can be recreated without someone noticing... A 1/4 pipe is probably do-able... The area I have access to is a former tennis court- actually, it was formerly TWO tennis courts, and they removed the nets and net pole, so it is a HUGE, smooth, flat PERFECT surface for 'stylin on. We might get arrested, but we could try to get the 1/4 pipe in the adjacent parking lot... Are you planning to attend and get the BIG AIR?!?!?
  8. J!m

    YO! What up knee-grows? Long time eh? Sorry, I have ben a bit busy this last couple years. My apologies to all of you who missed me! I have a few photos here, and more to come later. Brian P., as always, a fantastic time. Thanks so much for allowing us to wreck the joint... (Thanks to the Wife to!!!) Smokin: I did not have any car bombs, but I did drink from the sacred chalis of "Le Shine De Moon". Where were you for that my brother? Hmmm??? Anyway, as Mr. P. eluded to, I want to do an east-coast Flatland gathering. I have a fantastic location right next to my house in CT (1/2 way between Boston and NYC- no excuses for no-shows!) easy access from BDL airport, right off of rt. 91, plenty of hotels in the area... (maybe a 1/2 or 1/4 pipe if I can convince my Sister to allow it...) MANY details to work out right now, and I doubt the first one will be as memorable (for those who were awake) as this last P.-man bash, but as long as we rember that it's about the people first, AND THEN the bikes, it will be a great time. Enjoy: And MANY more not yet posted... I have to do some work here!!!
  9. Take it easy there! You're going to OD or RL!!!
  10. Looking good there homie! :32:
  11. I'm glad to see the Robinson's getting the love they deserve! Nice job man! :32:
  12. The frame is fine, since you will have pegs there anyway. Are you planning to re-chrome? If it's a rider I'd just shoot it white, throw on some stickers and ride the #ell out of it. For the forks, the holes are oversized for the top-hats which center the wheel properly (and keep it from falling off). Ginny's has them cheap.
  13. Well, let's see. Radmeon knows my opinions pretty well already, but for the rest of us, I'll post some stuff here... Way back in the dark ages, I had a nice (but small) Univega that I bought used from a school friend. That sucker was TOUGH as we used to ghost-ride that thing off the "dirt pile" in my best friend's (John) front yard into a tree over head. It never broke. Later John got himself an X20-R, which was pretty shit-hot for a toy store bike. I saved my penies and got me a Haro FST after a several-month lay-away (I still have the receipts, but not the bike...). it was a 1985 model (I'm about 99%sure of that) in chrome. And it was a very nice bike. I kept it minty fresh... Later, while on vacation in RI, I found a 1986 Master frame and fork set in the luschious and classy white/chrome finish. I immediately borrowed the balance needed from John (he was always the high roller) and began swapping parts over right there. The geometry was the same, so aclimation was short. What a great ride. Not to be outdone, John had to up-grade from the now dated and quite heavy X20-R. He always wanted a Kuwahara Magician (in accident yellow and black, of course), but opted for a 1985 Sport (in white!). he got a great deal on it, and knew the quality from my FST and Master. So, between the two of us, we had the entire Haro line represented. I always liked the look of the RL20-II, and wanted to get one. The prices were just too high back then (as now). I did finally get one (a nice 1985 in rare teal color) and built it up with the sickest color scheme ever devised for a 20-II (I think there are still photos on here somewhere...). I also rode it. And you know what? It rides like a truck. It is way too big (and I'm 6'2" tall mind you) and heavy and just feels WRONG. I also had the fortune to grab an original (but a bit beat) 1987 Team Sport (which has been restored and will be shown this weekend). Now the 87-up Haro line had a steeper (quicker) head angle on them. I don't particularly care for it. It's OK, and I can ride it, but I prefer the 85-86 geometry. Working with Radmeon, I had the chance to try just about everything the freestyle bike manufacturing community had to offer. And of all those bikes I tried, I also liked the Dyno Pro Compe. That had a nice ride and good geometry. When I rode Radmeon's personal ride from back in the day (A pro freestyle tour I think) I did not care for that either. The head angle was too steep for me, and it felt small and heavy. I will say this: it was STIFF. It has a very solid feeling to it, which I think adds to the heavy feeling. If I remember correctly, it was actually lighter than the 86 master I ride today (Ol' Rusty) but felt heavier. Haro's flex, and absorb the shock of abuse. it's a softer ride. So, All that being said... 1) I think the look and feel of the 85-86 Master is the shizzle. The '86 is particularly nice with the 1/2 chrome look that was not on the '85 models. I'm looking for an original pink 1985 master if anyone knows of one (originally pink, regardless of condition- not one re-created in pink. That's no good for me) 2) The 87 Team model Haro's (both Sport and Master) had a great look. I don't care for the geometry change (but I could probably get used to it). 3) Dyno Pro Compe. Great ride, clean, understated looks (but not too plain) cool vibe Now, the worst: 1) Hutch Trick Star. Just because. Actually, they LOOK like they were made in a garage (and they were). The graphics had absolutely no imagination at all, in a time when it was OK to wear flourescent pink clothing on days other than Halloween. What were they thinking? A little too late, was the later Wind Styler (I think) which finally had some '80's style graphics, but it was like '89, and the '90's were closing fast! 2) MCS styler et all. All the frames that were weird just for weirdness's sake. Some did have practical use to the various things welded on and tubes-a-plenty; however most did not. Now no offennse to the MCS fans out there (Radmeon) but the 'weird' bikes just rubbed me the wrong way. Sales reflected this, which is why they are worth a mint now. No one bought them back then! 3) I was torn with this choice, but I have it as my "least-worst" pick because they look so right (but they ride so wrong- and it's all about the ride) the legendary Redline RL20-II. It was my dream bike, but once I had the dream bike (and set-up with all the right parts) it just wasn't all I had imagined it would be. It carries a commanding presense that makes everyone in the room take notice, but it just doesn't do it for me... There it is! Enjoy! Let the hate mail flow in!
  14. Looks good Sean, as always... The attention to detail is there. Yep. Just when youfinallyget all the right parts, he out-grows it.... Then it's retired to the show circuit. Very cool! I can tell he was super psyched to get it. Was it a total suprise, or did he know about it before hand? See you in a couple days at the East Coast tear-up yo! Babes :homitas: and bars; HANDLE bars that is...
  15. J!m

    Date This Haro

    Without a serial number, I am 99% certain that is a 1986 model. The knurling on the chainstays is the give-away. 1985 had no knurling, 1987 adds the (useless) studs to the top of the chainstays. The exception (there's always an exception) is Radmeon's ultra-rare 1985 1/2 master, which has a 1985 serial number but WITH KNURLING!!! (and no chrome either) weird... It looks like the 'mid-date' HARO 4130 sticker identifying the tubing, so I'd guess around September or so? This would make the serial something like 8609XXXX (first two digits are year, second two are month). The remaining numbers are the serial, but since the drops are stamped before application to the frame, a lower number may not be an older bike (earlier build). Cool bike! Also in 1986, all frames are chrome, with the color applied over, so the rear triangle and lower half of the forks are chrome. So, if you decide to re-do the bike (in a color), it will need to be chromed first, then painted over the chrome.