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  1. This is a painting in my living room that our member Scott aka Melvinsarmy did for me. I met Scott at a Jersey bike gathering around 2005. I bought a Kappa Trickstar frame and fork from him. When I went to pick it up at his house I was blown away by the artwork hanging on his walls. A while later I asked Scott to make a painting of an old school Redline photo I had seen as a child that inspired me, drew me into bikes, riding, freestyle, etc. It was a breath of fresh air that I needed in my life, after going through a divorce. It ignited my interest in the sport, hobby. It took me to California 5 times in 5 years. To Venice beach, Huntington, Newport Beach, Mount Baldy. It introduced me to people to interact with and ride with. Brian P , Jeff S, Alvin Mullins, Ak cuda, Fiola, Dominguez, Hoffman, Wilkerson, Blyther, Steve, Monica and Steve Blackey. The guys from the. Midwest I met and hung out with the last time I was in Cali. When I told Scott that I wanted to show off the rear triangle of the bike more than the original photo, Scott said "I'll just switch his feet from left foot rearward to left foot forward". Perfect idea and he pulled it off. Painting is 27" x 40". Thanks Scott for your talent and inspiring me to pursue a biking hobby.
  2. I have been looking or that picture of Rich for about 10 years. thank you for sharing it.
  3. Poorly made GT knockoff.
  4. I heard there was no beach ride, or bike show in California this year. I'm thinking of flying to Texas for the X Games. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Sat June 5-7 th. I'd like to see Dallas, I'm a huge history weirdo. I'd like to see Dealy Plaza where JFK was assassinated. Head over to Austin that night or early next morning. I'm not bringing a bike or anything this time. Just want to see the riders hit the big ramp, live, for once. LMK if you are going/ want to go also.
  5. 1 trip to the Cali bike show in June will make you a repeat customer. I've made it there 5 times myself from NYC. Welcome aboard. Nice stable of bikes.
  6. twin top tube loop tail frame? no further explanation needed around here.. thanks for sharing.
  7. Let me check my calendar Jon. Maybe I can make it. Are people from the website staying at the same hotel?
  8. Spray the decal with soapy water and use something like a credit card to perfectly align the decal and press the water out.
  9. I know he was one of your favorite riders, Jeff. Glad we got to meet him in California on our first trip. So many cool things, the show, beach ride, Baldy. Great times, hope you are doing well. G
  10. Congratulation's Pat, Jon, Marcos and all other winners. Maybe I'll make it to the show next year (2015). Great contest Steve. Thanks for keeping the hobby alive.
  11. Great looking bike. Its a 21 1/2" top tube if memory serves me right. I have one in yellow with chrome LG fork with canti brake mounts on it. Peregrine hp 48's. Maxxis Hookworn tires, Profile cranks. Enjoy it. Best bike in my collection. The red/black fade looks awesome.
  12. I was at the NYC Joe Kid premier. I remember the studio allowing us to put our bikes below the movie screen as it played. Good times. Pretty sure I took my RL20-II. Scott had one of his Trick Stars (white one maybe). I can probably still find pictures from that day.
  13. Looks like me trying to ride Baldy shredding up my forearm.