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  1. As it just came out of a store in 1980. Perfect bike, just needs a little clean up.
  2. Amazing pick up. It doesn't get much better than this.
  3. I saw this too. Awesome project, as I always wondered who the riders were. Although it's only been a few months seen I've seen it last, it's about time to watch On Any Sunday again.
  4. It looks to me as if the axles and hardware are not original to the hubs.
  5. This is one of the budget / lower end SE's. It is definitely not very valuable / collectible.
  6. The stem looks like a Nitto to me.
  7. A Dutch record I came across on a German BMX group on Facebook. Fiets = bike. Fietscross = BMX bike. It even has a Hutch promotional insert but I'm pretty sure the music is awful.
  8. That looks like a 83-ish Mongoose Californian to me.
  9. Totally unnecessary reissue of an uninteresting bike in the first place. If it would be hi-end manufactured like the original late 70s Sting with a distinct modern twist I'd might understand but this is just a sad waste of resources.
  10. I was curious about the price but the link didn't work anymore. $450? Pfft, get outta here.