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  1. This is one of the budget / lower end SE's. It is definitely not very valuable / collectible.
  2. The stem looks like a Nitto to me.
  3. A Dutch record I came across on a German BMX group on Facebook. Fiets = bike. Fietscross = BMX bike. It even has a Hutch promotional insert but I'm pretty sure the music is awful.
  4. That looks like a 83-ish Mongoose Californian to me.
  5. Totally unnecessary reissue of an uninteresting bike in the first place. If it would be hi-end manufactured like the original late 70s Sting with a distinct modern twist I'd might understand but this is just a sad waste of resources.
  6. I was curious about the price but the link didn't work anymore. $450? Pfft, get outta here.
  7. At least they look like as if they would have never made it past JMC's quality control. But with that said, fucked up it is in any case.
  8. Well, it looks like Jeff at least had a chance to work out a deal with the new Race Inc management. Whereas it seems that the Cooks takeover is a different situation with the old rights owner not involved so far.
  9. And then this happened on the "other" site: Hey Guys, Jack Witmer Here. This guy claiming that he has acquired the rights to the Cook Bros. Racing brand is TOTAL BULL SH*T!!! I have have not licensed Cook Bros. Racing to this DOUCHE BAG, nor would I to any other foreigner! Cook Bros. Racing is an AMERICAN company, and always will be! This KOOK is a 100% total scammer FAKE! Just look at the name of his film company: Real by Fake Marc Côté, President 1479 Rue Ottawa, Montréal Quebec, Canada, H3C 1S9 Telephone: 514-846-8439 Website: https://fake-digital-entertainment.com/ Email: mcote@fake-studio.com So could you all please email or call him and express your feeling about his venture into the BMX business! Thanks in advance! -Jack
  10. Besides Bottema, it looks like Race Inc bought the rights to Cook Bros Racing as well. https://www.raceincbmx.com/collections/cookbros
  11. First time I saw this guy was in a French BMX magazine back in 2014 or so. Since then, I felt the need to watch whatever I could find about him. His degree of commitment is a fucking humbling experience to witness.
  12. Beautiful little Sting you got there with some hi-end parts to boot. I especially like how the red/black tire combination works aesthetically on that bike, knowing that the rear is a replacement from back in the day.
  13. That bike is so much in its own league it's almost scary. Perfection.