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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like to be the earliest press quote of the STR-1, non?
  2. I totally forgot about the high entertainment factor of this thread. A conglomerate of atrocities.
  3. I'm not too sure what needs to be redone here. The bike looks great to me as it sits.
  4. You brought that frame back to life! Looks like it rides like a dream. I really dig the choice of parts, especially the Campa bits.
  5. It's just a photoshop joke of this image.
  6. Bad ass PK. You weren't joking when you mentioned you got the bike building itch again. Another winner in your stable.
  7. You're on a roll, Tom. Another stellar build.
  8. I love this bike. Perhaps even better than the old red one?
  9. I wonder how many they will make and what they sell for. In any case, as it is with all of the Supreme stuff, it's gonna be a pretty ridiculous price.
  10. That's a pretty cool modern retro. I really dig the color combo.
  11. One of the greatest BMX builds ever. Where is it now?
  12. Now that's a GHP collection I can dig besides the 80s stuff. So cool that you have all the history covered on these babies. That's pretty deep stuff. Respect!
  13. Webco mags on a Webco replica. What's not to like? Bad ass bike.
  14. I always wondered how it feels to ride a Moosegoose. Thinking about it, I maybe came across two or three in all my years of BMX. They just weren't around in Europe at all.
  15. Thanks for posting these, someone needed to mention Lyotard pedals in this thread. Actually, not too hard to get. In Europe, that is.
  16. That's pretty heartbreaking. FBM represented the very soul of BMX. Sad news indeed. I hope they'll continue at least as a T-shirt company, just the way they started 20 years ago.
  17. I dig it, although it is new production. And yes, any design on a Moto 3 would look great. Simply because it's the best looking helmet ever.
  18. Dude, the PK is a keeper. I wasn't expecting you to let it go.
  19. Well, I stand corrected. The OPCs feel much better. Done!