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  1. Bad ass drill job. I've never seen it done on a coaster brake arm before.
  2. The seat clamp mod is the icing on the cake of an already awesome bike.
  3. Beautiful Quad you got there. Is that OG paint?
  4. Wait, what? You saw him ride in person?
  5. Awesome bike and a great save.Personally, I would use a different seat like some 70s vintage Italian 10 speed seat.
  6. That's one of those keep it like it is, reflectors, chain guard, and all.
  7. These are Shimano DX prototype cranks.
  8. Killer early MTB / beach cruiser / strandie hybrid. You're keeping it complete, I hope.
  9. Both are bad ass and just as awesome as all your bikes. Well, perhaps the Nomura is even more awesome.
  10. "Accepts all standard Sting Ray parts."
  11. Super interesting subject. I never knew there were 22" bikes in the 80s.
  12. I remember this shot in BMXA as if it was yesterday. A couple of months later I had my first Quad in candy red.
  13. As simple as they may seem, there's something uniquely intriguing about the design of seat post clamps. Keep 'em coming.
  14. Not trying to be a smart ass but there are plenty threads on here that cover this super interesting subject. Such as this one: https://bmxsociety.com/topic/60301-str-1-this-again/
  15. I would leave it just as is. It looks awesome with the Tuffs and its patina.
  16. Wicked color coordination, Brian. You don't see too many red Darell Young's with gold parts.
  17. I have never seen this high quality in any pre-80s video that I watched before. This is just too good.
  18. I was already wondering when you'd flip to spokes. Now it is perfect.