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  1. i won't be entering any bikes this year but i did just sign up (late). can't wait to reconnect with a lot of you at the show!
  2. especially after he asked everyone's opinion and he got a resounding "NO, do NOT restore it!" from everyone on the board. anyway, thanks for the kind words guys!
  3. Just wanted to share this GJS Freestyler I built this year. Some of you may have seen it at the show last June but since I no longer own this bike (damn wedding expenses!) I figured I'd share it here instead of entering it into BOTY. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 1984 GJS Freestyler Salvage project: sanded down frame + repop forks + new powder & decals This bike was purchased as a raw frame with reproduction forks. It was powder coated purple by Chip @ C4Labs to match BMX Museum member "Brutus" one-of-a-kind factory purple GJS (respect!) Parts List: 1984 GJS Freestyler frame (refinished) Reproduction GJS Freestyler forks (had them engraved with an "R" for repop) Powerlite "Log" freestyle bars Oakley B-2 grips* Pro Neck II stem* Striped flex fighter* Hatta headset with Tange headset lock 1st Gen Bullseye Cranks (refinished) 1st Gen Bullseye BB 1984 Anlun chainring & power disc (from a Haro Sport) Sugino chainring bolts* Bob Reedy pedals with reproduction cages True Line wheels Tioga Comp ST tires* Dice valve covers Dia Compe MX900/1000 brake calipers Dia Compe Tech 3 levers Dia Compe 1984 date cables* Scott Mathauser brake pads* Dia Compe MX hinged seatpost clamp SST layback seatpost w/repop decal (discussed with Woody as a "2nd gen" but it is probably not authentic) CyclePro Shotgun II seat Items with a (*) were NOS before mounting.
  4. saw that one too and had a good laugh!
  5. i love the one with the wraparound top tubes and pointy frame standers!
  6. wow, that's a boatload of GJS info there! you learn something new (or a lot of things) every day. thanks for sharing!
  7. here's an 84 freestyler i acquired this year but haven't built yet. unfortunately the forks are actually repops. however, they look pretty damn good/close if you ask me!
  8. damn, what a shame. ironically it looks like the downtube decal says "PK RIPPED" but it should really read "PK RIPPED OFF"! btw Spur, what's the story on the VDC?
  9. I know, right? Don't you feel like Mr. Sparkle from that Simpsons episode!? I'm Japanese (4th generation) and I can't speak a word of Japanese let alone read it! I'll have one of my friends take a stab at translating it. Although, she's 3rd generation and only learned Japanese in college. Also, I'll try to post some shots of last year's coverage in Loop Mag. The Loop photogs are local and have been out to most of the big events lately. I doubt they'd see any value in advertising a Japanese language magazine to a crowd where 99.9% can't even read it, but I'll shoot him an email to see if they want to sponsor the 2012 show. ;)
  10. Of course Steve! PM coming... I might even have an extra copy of last years' show coverage. The mag itself is only $12.60 but shipping is ridiculous ($42) which is why I bought several, to help spread the cost. If you guys are buying some, be sure to pick up multiples!
  11. Not sure if this is okay (copyright?) but figuring most of us can't read Japanese and this is only for sale in Japan, I'll go ahead and post it. I just received my copy of Loop Magazine this afternoon. I ordered it on Amazon Japan and if anyone is interested in buying a copy you can CLICK HERE. I also have one extra copy stateside, please PM me if interested. Priority will be given to anyone who's photo or bike is actually in the magazine. Enjoy!