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  1. Enjoy, SE Finkelman :18: Tags: Wheels N Things OS-BMX ProShop, Sandy Finkelman
  2. Global_Nomad, Really nice collection, do you happen to remember the Custom Haro Plates with LED Lights 1980-1982? :32: Still got one from my shop. Thanks for sharing, SE Finkelman
  3. Astrodamus, Jim Melton was totally fed upwith HL which included a bad GF and drugs, it took 6 months just to get Harry back in race shape. Jim thought if Harry wanted to make the change DB would have the best chance to make it happen? Jim told me everything about Harry so I knew it wasn't gonna be a Cake Walk. :32: We always approached each other when it came to the Team Riders a respect thing. If you have other questions please let me know? SE Finkelman
  4. BMXA MAGAZINE 1981: SE Finkelman :18:
  5. HERE'S SOME EARLY DB NON-PRISM DECALS FROM JAPAN (purple.silver). Enjoy, SE Finkelman :18:
  6. I sure hope this explains this very old DB History? Enjoy, SE Finkelman The 1st DB BMX Bikes were made in the USA with dual position forks. The Decal was the original White style one on the Frame seat Tube and one on each fork blade. :32: Thanks for sharing, SE Finkelman
  7. Sorry this sickness was awful so Take Care and Beware! If you need some help please let me know? Thanks SE Finkelman :18:
  8. GREG_HANNA, Thank you for the post yep Kathy was the right choice. :1: The Frame is a CMII 1975 #84 in production, the decals are very rare and you should try and save them? The Bike was a full race with 7b rims and light parts. Thanks again for sharing, SE Finkelman :18:
  9. 1972-1974 WHEELS N THINGS (1,000'). COME INSIDE PLEASE: 1974 WHEELS N THINGS (4,000') BACK AREA: Notice the PinBall Machines? 1986 WHEELS N THINGS (5,000') WAREHOUSE/OFFICES: :14: Thanks for sharing, SE Finkelman
  10. GREG_HANNA, First is this the Dirt Bike Racer Greg Hanna? Thanks Please let me know, SE Finkelman :18:
  11. :24: Thank you OS-BMX members for participating in this Tracside Topic. I really enjoyed the many Posts and there's quite a few members Born around the same time as Wheels N Things. Thanks for sharing, SE Finkelman :18:
  12. sk8bones, As an Engineer you can apreciate the Japanese Technology I had working for me it was a total dream. :32: The First Hinged Clamp BMX Stem. THE CUSTOM THREAD-ON FORK MODEL: I'm holding it in my hand for Oz to shoot I told him I had to steel it out of R&D restricted area and nobody could know (Top Secret Stuff). Thanks for sharing, SE Finkelman :18:
  13. loopy813, Thank you for the post these are the Rims that came on most $300.00 Mountain Bikes. :1: Araya made this low end alloy rim for most MT Bikes $300-$400 range and I believe the Period was 1986/1987 or a bit later I haven't verified documentation. Please don't quote me on this, the Rim was called a 105B I think? The Allioy Rim was way to soft and most were destroyed by the riders. Araya made it in a 20" rim also. I'll try and get more info? Thanks for Sharing, SE Finkelman :18:
  14. spike, The Auction item is not an Araya 7B, 7C, or 7X, please post some pic's and especially where it's attached and makes sure Araya is Stamped on the rim? This Topic's great but there's some unclarified stuff that should be corrected for Historical reasons? :32: Let's get the Rim's ID first if that's OK with you? Please measure the width of Rim Outer to Outer? Thanks for Sharing, SE Finkelman :18: