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  1. that's what i'm talking about! love it Joker...thanks for finding that blue!
  2. Joker...you are awesome...that is damn close! close enough for me. thanks a bunch.
  3. i guess my thought on the whole thing is as long as the replicas are distinguishable from the originals, i have no problem with it. it would be cool to have a repop made of an 85 Performer (for example) so that I could ride and not have to worry about breaking something that is 20 years old and cost me a grip. maybe a distinguishable frame stamp or something, who knows...so long as some slimey person couldn't be able to pass it off for the real thing at the cost of $2k. on the flipside of that coin...who knows...it could just open up a can of worms we might now want to see happen to our favorite past time.
  4. yea, that's a nice bike. AJ from AJK Bikes is almost done with his rendition of that bike. Joker: I'm with you on not having anything NOS in blue from GT...got rid of the blue frame standers and now I am kicking myself! D'oh! Would definitely appreciate you sharing what you can find on it. My project is on the hold until then...cheers!
  5. yea, bcal...i think you're right on that. would make sense anyway... i have a frame i picked up from Hutch who got it in a lot...whoever owned it way back when thought they could put a nice coat of dark blue spray paint on it. needless to say, it's far from GT blue. have a good week all...cheers.
  6. well, had to make this its own post... anyone happen to have the color code for the GT powder blue? I remember Mux saying he had some over a year ago. Cheers!
  7. Speaking of powdercoating....does anyone have the color code for the 1985 GT blue????? My project is at a standstill until i can figure it out. I remember Mux saying that he had some about a year ago....
  8. damn, if i could ever find the time i would scan some of mine for you...lots of BMX Plus, 85-86.
  9. I love the fact that i can get on here and reminisce with you all...and then when it comes time to rescuing an old bmx and restoring it...everyone is willing to help out. definitely a unique site. love it. cheers.
  10. let's see if we can revive this thread...
  11. ELLLLIIIIIOOOOOOOTTTTT. Sweet...post some picks of that costume. Figuring out the daughters costume and how we can theme her in to the freestyle world....she is determined to keep wearing her Princess Leia outfit despite my telling her that the Episode III premier is over!
  12. Newguy and I could go all day about the differences between 87 performers and pro performers. hahaha.
  13. nice 88 you got going there! Did GT give up on the enfamous Block Stem in 88?
  14. I bet! I got the cold shoulder for a week because I bought pieces to make an 86 World Tour instead of my wedding invites! Why couldn't you just rig up a hitch to the Redline...that way you won't miss the truck much. hahaha.