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  1. I use to manage THE BIKE SHOP in Aiea. I moved to Hawaii in early '89 and moved mid-93. Idid a lot of racing there and the other islands. I remember seeing a couple pics of you racing bitd on Oahu. I raced from late 1978 beginner to August of 1980 South Pacific nationals NBA event. At Hawaii Raceway Park. Before I moved to SF Bay Area and ABA tracks. Used to bug Rory Ingano and guys at Eki Cyclery after school at Kalakaua in Kalihi. And hangout with Brian Jeters as well as knew the Local windward guys from riding jumps at mountains and Kaneohe ones like Safeway jump and King School jumps. Also Robert Williams and those guys.
  2. so why no 1979 str1 production frames? besides the lame excuse that stu rode only the prototype...there is paper documentation stating otherwise. Give me facts. I am open minded on the matter but want the fucking truth not wishes in a well.
  3. se666

    Also -pads are real deal off a 20" Tony parted out local.
  4. Bars Are super rare Cook Bros Race Cruiser
  5. So the late 1979 model year sept thru Dec had the serial number starting with 2xxxx?
  6. webco pro built a;; og finishes and decals
  7. I tried to explain this to a avid collector and it was lost on him...apparently bling bling still rules.
  8. og finish and decals thanks `for the pads Trevor
  9. also very rare gold team jag complete bikes 1979 bmxa ad
  10. The one I sold Marcos was one i had picked up from Juan Mattos a few years prior to selling it. I have one seat clamp like yours without a coatone and it's oxidized. I also have a black DOW 7 coated one I purchased off the museum in 2010.
  11. Your right I had an og set of c&gs a few years ago red ones and they were painted. No one wanted them back then sold for cheap.
  12. Replica of Stu's GJS as an SE rider circa 1979 Pre STR1