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  1. Just ordered some chrome ape hangers.
  2. Needed a bike for Nashville, so I went "new school". For now I'm leaving it as is minus raising the seat and chopping off about 6 inches of brake cable. Later it might get some thick powder, custom decals and show polish all of the parts. And by later, I mean tonight. Found it on CL. Parents bought for their son who just got a new car. Rode it once and was done with it. They paid $709 and added about $250 in extras. Not a $200 score, but I paid a lot less for it. Pics don't do it justice, it's sick. Rides really nice. Super smooth. Keywords: Minty, Powder, Show Polished, NOS, Custom, Whip, itsdug 2014 We The People - Atlas 24"
  3. Saw it in person this weekend and it's pretty badass. I even helped hold the bike still so he could jump on the seat.
  4. Spray (soak) the Tuffs with WD-40. They'll look like new.
  5. I don't think airlines are going to be a cheap alternative. United charges $200 for a bike as oversized luggage. The best way is to break it down into golf or duffle bag.
  6. Was she already wearing it when you woke up this morning?
  7. Owner is Perron. Goes by perront over on the Museum. Great guy.
  8. Are the cranks stamped Sugino or Red Line? Dust caps are RL...
  9. Not a fan of pit bikes, but that is sweet, Nice pickup.