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  1. Thanks for the props, guys. Here's some closeup shots.
  2. Built up this 79 Patterson last weekend. Before I put it all together though, I wanted to document it by setting up this Todd McLellan-like inspired photo. Didn't go so far as to breakdown every part like he does because this was a build and not a complete deconstruction. Found the whole process satisfying.
  3. I was drinking a soda while watching this listing end and I coughed out Pepsi all over my desk.
  4. I've used Citri-strip (stripping gel) with success. The scratches, nooks, and crannies are where I'm having to spend a little more time getting the orange paint off.
  5. 12 year wait on these: Kashimax Diamond Back Turbo suede "five gold" seat. There were a couple times (in the Fall of 2001 and Spring of 2010) where I thought I was going to get my hands on one...didn't happen. IRC Diamond Back stamped Comp II tires.
  6. The pictures are good enough for me to see the differences...it's nice to have the visual reference to go with the written.
  7. Hey JMC experts... I’m building up an ’83 Shadow and have a few questions after checking out the JMC thread http://bmxsociety.com/topic/35529-for-the-love-of-jmc/page__hl__jmc%20forks and seeing some ads on pages 1 and 2. Fork: I have a DY fork that arrived with the Shadow that has the “Darrell Young Design” stickers on it. I’m assuming this fork is more appropriate for a later DY build? Also noticed in one of the ads that the early generation DY fork was stickered “JMC Racing” and didn’t have a weight limit compared to the Standard fork. Should I focus my attention on finding an 83’ish bladed Standard or DY fork? Bars: Looking at the handlebar ad, are the Standard bars (25 ½ x 8) the ones that you’d build up with the Shadow? Or would it be a FAB or DY bar. Not sure which one to go with...or is it pretty much whatever you can find is what you would go with. Thanks for any help with this...
  8. Thanks! Didn't realize they were that early...
  9. Hi Everybody! First time starting a topic here. I did some searches and may have missed this somewhere, but when did Ukai shinysides and speedlines get introduced?