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  1. Hello People. I just started a Facebook page titled "A&A Racing Frames Collector's Forum." Please check it out and share some OS A&A bikes if you want. Thanks!
  2. Hey Louis: That's a 1976. Where was it bought new? Do you have the history?
  3. Hey dav451: Thanks for the intel. I have always thought they were DeCoster forks. I'll try to get some decals for the build. I appreciate the effort. Garrett
  4. How do I identify the Champion forks as Roger DeCoster or others? They would have been purchased from H&F in Oakland around 1975 with the Champ.
  5. Guys: Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? I need the frame decals shown below. Who has a line on them? Thanks, Garrett
  6. Hola Amigos: Big Fire: How do I add #61 to the registry? Respect
  7. Hey OS BMXers: I took a nap, but I'm back. I am still trying to finish the champ. I'll review and keep ya posted. Thanks much! Garrett
  8. Hello Mark Mc: Under the Wanted section on this site I posted "Champion and A&A OS parts needed," which lists all the parts I desire. Thanks, Garrett
  9. Hey OLDSKOOKPK: I checked the Freestylin' and the poster is indeed in there (see attached images). I am mainly trying to complete builds for the 1976 Champion and two A&A bikes i have. I would prefer to trade the right parts for the collection or sell the entire lot of magazines for more than $10 each. Thanks, Garrett
  10. Hello Champion Registry contributors: I cannot tell you all how this Registry and thread by all of you OS BMX'ers warms my heart. I have been after a Champion for years and was finally given one after decades of searching. I tried to respectfully buy the Hank & Frank Lafayette Champions, get one from John Wells, get one from DCBMX1 and on and on. There is something very special about this time in NorCal described elsewhere by John Wells and others with Silver Shield, Hank and Frank, the early Pete Harrigan modified Schwinn Freight Trains, and on and on. The Champion is a NorCal treasure. I was a bit younger than John, Pete, and the others in Oakland, but even then I knew the Schwerma Champion was special. Thank you all! Much respect, Garrett
  11. Hey dunphy 1: Your Champion #CF 059 is exactly the same vintage as mine (#CF 061). What year is yours. I am thinking mine is 1975 or 1976. Thanks, Garrett
  12. Trail bike designed for thrashing single-track in the Oakland, Berkeley, and Marin hills.