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  1. Interesting thread. I have a story and I could be wrong but I don't think I am. I remember listing a set of Nos alloy flange black 24" Skyways. I paid maybe $90 for them back in 2002. I listed them on eBay and got over $900. I thought it was a fluke, I'd never get paid etc. Well I did get paid and from that day, everyone listed all the alloy flanged 24" skyways they had and the price stayed that high for a while. I'm fairly certain that sale changed the market for that item from that sale. Usually when an item goes for nutty money, it's just two people that really want that item and are stubborn etc. It seems everyone is watching. If something goes high, the market for said item becomes very available.
  2. I've always had a soft spot for a DB with a gusset regardless of model
  3. Steel is real, not feeling it. I get it being for a niche crowd, it's too bonkers for me. If it's geared toward new, young and hip riders, price point is high. It seems geared (to me) to older people who dig Bob. It's sort of cool looking. I don't think they'll fly off the shelf. I also don't like the VIP aspect of anything , it's a bike, not a Bugatti.
  4. If it's a pro life message board, the majority of its members will be Pro life and the naysayers will be there to argue. This board is really the same except newbies might not know what their rolls are in this hobby/life until they see all the sides of it or one of us purists will happily let them know how it is. In my opinion, there's a message board for most everyone, this is how we do shit and what we believe in, jump in or bounce.
  5. I learned to never love anything that can't love you back. It's just stuff, very fucking cool stuff that's incredibly hard to part with but just stuff
  6. Good luck with that seat post until it breaks off and rips your ball sack right off
  7. Who said Voris never made an exact copy? Hmmm
  8. I've said it a million times, Mike doesn't fuck around. He's a good dude, builds exotic and realistic builds. GT prided itself on steel. Think of how many pro's, experts, mini's and performers are out there. Then you see this, the initial alum frame, primo number one. Heck, before number one in a signature color without any other, very special. A new era for a large company and she looks pretty. I love reading stuff like this because I stayed away from large company builds simply because of their size and corporate philosophy. It's a frame like this that makes me forget they were still trying to be ahead of the curve or try the next best thing. Very cool Mike and in the best hands it could be in.
  9. I mean really, some dude comes in here, pimps his shit and then points at us nerds for giving him business and were jerks? I'm not going back and forth with witty arguments. Beat it