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  1. Acura-Lite Components (Acura-Lite Titanium Revcore Pedal Spindle) (Revcore Chromoly Pedal Spindle)
  2. Section: 1A-2 Clement Racing Team (Clement script logo)
  3. I can’t recall the full serial number, but the frame set I picked up from Andreas has a serial number that begins with HB. Update: I just checked the frame, the serial number is MH001, but was originally BH001. Judging by the deeper impression, it's obvious the 'M' was stamped over the 'B' vs the other way around.
  4. Finding forks may be a bit difficult, but these are the ones you'll be looking for. (Please ignore the decals, this particular set of titanium Black-Lite forks were found on a CW sponsored ride.) The shape of the drop outs are almost identical to the Rebel Racing mini forks seen on the (black) Blazer complete in the rear.
  5. Wow, I never seen one with a chain stay ‘box’ before, very cool. Brian, is the bottom of steer tube on that particular fork, capped? I have a Harbor-Lite sew-up fork w/ Navajo solid drops and a capped steer tube, that apparently was a later design change made by Dave Gerston when he was manufacturing for both brands.
  6. I was fortunate enough to purchase the BDP 'acetate' directly from Kenny Parker. It was 'cut' for the sole purpose of being used on tour when Kenny was serving as the 'tour DJ' for BDP. This was around the time the album 'Edutainment' was released in '90-91.
  7. Sounds about right, I believe the sellers name was Brad. It was listed in the 'for sale' section over on the museum for a couple weeks before I stumbled across it. I was sort of surprised it didn't get snatched up immediately, but than again 'mini stuff' is sort of a niche market. Though I'm not complaining!
  8. The top tube length measures 16 1/2" (center to center), the seat tube is 7 1/2" in length measuring from the top of the bottom bracket shell. In-progress pic's: Aircraft Mini Stem? (Titanium Cap & Stem Bolt) Acura-Lite Euro Bottom Bracket ('Alloy' Collars, Bearing Cups, Aerospace Bearings and Titanium Spindle)
  9. Here's a scan of the first Navajo Racing Products Ad, found in the May '83 ABA Action newspaper. (Scan courtesy of Bob McKay)
  10. It's bad enough I missed the B.O.T.Y. in its entirety, entry, voting, the whole nine and now I've overlooked Steve debuting a gold ano P.K. So fucking ill!!!
  11. Noah, I'm not sure I follow in regards to your statement "Blacklite and Blazer were closer than I knew"? Is this solely based on Ken Burleson manufacturing the titanium mini's for Rebel?
  12. Here's a 'pic' of a Black-Lite in action, sourced from the '84 ABA Photo Archive. Bob, is that a Finney number plate?