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  1. Project was momentarily derailed due by Covid-19, but is now back in full swing!
  2. Brian, Sweet Navajo! Is the bottom of steer tube on the fork capped liked the ones shown below? Is the bottom of steer tube on the fork capped?
  3. I already know the answer But I figured I would ask anyways. Would you be interested in selling the JR1. 

  4. Here's a 'pic' of the set I have on hand.
  5. You're in luck, because I have in my hand a complete (n.o.s.) set of Sunshine axles and hardware.
  6. I'm getting closer, but there's still a lot more to do. Shortened and modified 'campy' cranks (approx. 155mm in length) O.M.A.S Cartridge Bearing Bottom Bracket (Alloy bearing cups & aluminum spindle) 34T Specialites T.A. Chainring. (Total combined weight): 585 grams Demco Futura X Pedals w/ modified cages and titanium spindles (Total combined weight): 212 grams SR Extra Super Light Stem w/ Titanium Hardware (O.E.M.) 192 grams Modified Dia-Compe N500 brake caliper w/ an O.M.A.S. (Titanium / Alloy) Brake Kit (Weight as shown): 100 grams
  7. If you're looking for a lightweight chain, the Regina 'America' Superleggera is an awesome choice. At full length (8 speed) it weighs exactly 250 grams, the only real downside is when it comes to shortening or adapting it for BMX. There's only approx. 4-6 links provided with solid pins, so it requires carefully grinding off one side of a hollow pin and punching out the remainder of the pin without damaging the inner bushing (you will need it for reassembly once you got the chain to it's desired length). On a side note: There's also a Extra Superleggera SL that weighs 10 grams less than the incredibly costly Regina Titanio (Titanium).
  8. The Special Mini Guide was actually in the Oct. '88 issue of BMX Plus! Here's a close-up of the Acura Lite Axles
  9. Here's some of the Acura Lite components I used on my Aaron Hinson Mini.
  10. Judging by some of the other components, I would feel comfortable identifying as S&S 'Power Cranks'. The bottom bracket was manufactured by the rather unknown company Acura Lite. So unknown, the only time I've seen their name in print was in a '87 BMX Plus! 'Buyers Guide' w/ no other information whatsoever. This same 'Buyers Guide' also included the new 'Power Cranks' from S&S Racing.
  11. Finding ways to 'shave' weight off a bicycle is nothing new, before O.M.A.S. (originally a manufacturer of carburetor parts for the automobile industry) began making components (e.g. hubs, headsets, bottom brackets), their introduction into cycling was by offering aftermarket kits of lightweight titanium brake bolts and alloy nuts for Campagnolo brake sets and eventually titanium pedal spindles. Cobra, another Italian brand offered similar lightweight offerings, mainly alloy water bottle cages, seat post binder bolts and stem bolts for Cinelli & 3ttt stems. O.M.A.S. 150 Brake Bolt Kit Crupi evolved in a very similar fashion, by manufacturing aftermarket aluminum components. C&G Aluminum BMX Components (Dealer Catalog & Price List)
  12. Thanks! The real beauty of this frame, is the seat and chain stays.
  13. I had a few '83 JMC 'round tube' mini's over the years, and the frames consistently weighed approx. 2 lbs 7.9 oz. Except those w/ an integrated seat post clamp. Which I believe became a standard feature by the end of '83.
  14. The 'Mini Shootout!!' continues....... '86 JU 'Jeff Utterback' Racing Mini Frame w/ pressed in bottom bracket bearings installed: 2 lbs. 14 oz. (1319 grams) JU Racing Mini Fork: 1 lbs. 1 oz. (507 grams) N.O.S. Bandito Racing Mini Frame: 3 lbs. (1360 grams)