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  1. The Special Mini Guide was actually in the Oct. '88 issue of BMX Plus! Here's a close-up of the Acura Lite Axles
  2. Here's some of the Acura Lite components I used on my Aaron Hinson Mini.
  3. Judging by some of the other components, I would feel comfortable identifying as S&S 'Power Cranks'. The bottom bracket was manufactured by the rather unknown company Acura Lite. So unknown, the only time I've seen their name in print was in a '87 BMX Plus! 'Buyers Guide' w/ no other information whatsoever. This same 'Buyers Guide' also included the new 'Power Cranks' from S&S Racing.
  4. Finding ways to 'shave' weight off a bicycle is nothing new, before O.M.A.S. (originally a manufacturer of carburetor parts for the automobile industry) began making components (e.g. hubs, headsets, bottom brackets), their introduction into cycling was by offering aftermarket kits of lightweight titanium brake bolts and alloy nuts for Campagnolo brake sets and eventually titanium pedal spindles. Cobra, another Italian brand offered similar lightweight offerings, mainly alloy water bottle cages, seat post binder bolts and stem bolts for Cinelli & 3ttt stems. O.M.A.S. 150 Brake Bolt Kit Crupi evolved in a very similar fashion, by manufacturing aftermarket aluminum components. C&G Aluminum BMX Components (Dealer Catalog & Price List)
  5. Thanks! The real beauty of this frame, is the seat and chain stays.
  6. I had a few '83 JMC 'round tube' mini's over the years, and the frames consistently weighed approx. 2 lbs 7.9 oz. Except those w/ an integrated seat post clamp. Which I believe became a standard feature by the end of '83.
  7. The 'Mini Shootout!!' continues....... '86 JU 'Jeff Utterback' Racing Mini Frame w/ pressed in bottom bracket bearings installed: 2 lbs. 14 oz. (1319 grams) JU Racing Mini Fork: 1 lbs. 1 oz. (507 grams) N.O.S. Bandito Racing Mini Frame: 3 lbs. (1360 grams)
  8. Thought I would see how much of difference there is between a painted frame vs chrome plated. N.O.S. Blazer Mini Frame (Painted): 2 lbs. 14.9 oz. (1332 grams) Metallic Brown While I was at it, thought I would weigh a JMC for good measure. N.O.S. '85 JMC Mini Frame (Painted): 2 lbs. 8 oz. (1133 grams)
  9. The alloy bottom bracket cups are currently seized on the Harbor-Lite, so I can't accurately give an 'apples-to-apples' comparison at the moment. Blazer Mini Frame (Chrome): 3 lbs. 0.4 oz. Harbor-Lite 'Sew-Up' Fork: 1 lbs. 0.4 oz. (465 grams) Harbor-Lite 'Ultra-Lite' Mini Frame (w/ O.M.A.S. 'Big Sliding' Bottom Bracket / Steel Spindle): 3 lbs. 11 oz. 'Ultra-Lite' Mini Fork: 1 lbs. 0.9 oz. (480 grams)
  10. I was also fortunate to identify and source a 'BF' headset used in the original article. JPR Alloy Headset (Made In France) 68 grams: Patented by B-F (Belleri Francois)
  11. After a great deal of careful consideration, I narrowed it down to the following two frame & fork options. A) Harbor-Lite 'Ultra-Lite' Mini B) Blazer Mini Frame w/ Harbor-Lite 'Sew-Up' Fork
  12. Here's a quick diagram on how this particular tandem 'stoker' conversion operated: Stoker Conversion.pdf *Set the adjustable bottom bracket mount and shortened cranks to the desired height needed on the (stoker position) seat tube, while the (2) separate campy spiders replace the original set of cranks on the frame bottom bracket, reroute drive train around added chain rings.*
  13. The craftsman who modified these must have had the same concerns about structural integrity, because these are tapped for 1/2" pedals as well. Here's a 'pic' of the whole set-up: I always found the Phil branded adjustable bottom bracket mount very intriguing. Now back to dilemma number 1, what are my chances of finding 1/2" pedal spindles for a set of Demco's? Patrick, thank you for the words of encouragement. Getting under 10lbs. and staying period correct is an arduous task. Billy Week's JMC by Norm's Bikes was close at 10.5 lbs. Did you ever get around to weighing the Hustler?
  14. So it looks like this is definitely happening. Components pulled so far: Demco Futura X Pedals Nyflor Headset (complete w/ composite bearings) Modified Campy Cranks (Stoker tandem crank modified for a child) 24H Phil Hubs w/ drilled out Fiamme Rims
  15. Sweet! Thank you for the contribution Dav, it will be very useful. After taking a quick inventory of the components I have on hand, I might be able to build a very similar mini without my wallet taking too much of a hit.
  16. Does anyone recognize the headset? *listed as BF Headset*
  17. I absolutely love these type of articles. Steve, Is there any other pages relating to this particular bike or is it a solo spread?
  18. Acura-Lite Components (Acura-Lite Titanium Revcore Pedal Spindle) (Revcore Chromoly Pedal Spindle)
  19. Section: 1A-2 Clement Racing Team (Clement script logo)
  20. I can’t recall the full serial number, but the frame set I picked up from Andreas has a serial number that begins with HB. Update: I just checked the frame, the serial number is MH001, but was originally BH001. Judging by the deeper impression, it's obvious the 'M' was stamped over the 'B' vs the other way around.
  21. Finding forks may be a bit difficult, but these are the ones you'll be looking for. (Please ignore the decals, this particular set of titanium Black-Lite forks were found on a CW sponsored ride.) The shape of the drop outs are almost identical to the Rebel Racing mini forks seen on the (black) Blazer complete in the rear.
  22. Wow, I never seen one with a chain stay ‘box’ before, very cool. Brian, is the bottom of steer tube on that particular fork, capped? I have a Harbor-Lite sew-up fork w/ Navajo solid drops and a capped steer tube, that apparently was a later design change made by Dave Gerston when he was manufacturing for both brands.
  23. I was fortunate enough to purchase the BDP 'acetate' directly from Kenny Parker. It was 'cut' for the sole purpose of being used on tour when Kenny was serving as the 'tour DJ' for BDP. This was around the time the album 'Edutainment' was released in '90-91.
  24. Sounds about right, I believe the sellers name was Brad. It was listed in the 'for sale' section over on the museum for a couple weeks before I stumbled across it. I was sort of surprised it didn't get snatched up immediately, but than again 'mini stuff' is sort of a niche market. Though I'm not complaining!