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  1. Wish I had more time looking at CL. Nice score dude
  2. + 1 Even though they’re probably not in the most functional location, I think the pads you got on there do the job nicely dude.
  3. Oakleys for sure but that doesn't stop me from collecting em!
  4. What a dope hoody! I’m down for a Large please.
  5. This is a dope bike Ryan. Hope to own a CBR one day
  6. WTF?! Am I seeing it correctly….I placed 2nd…?? Hell yeaaah!! That’s a win in my book fellas. Woooohooo!! Did you see who I was in competition with?? I was competing with the big boy OG’s in this game….. Larock, RyanPartridge, route66, se666, etc., so for me to place 2nd…wow….what a big big honor it is for me. The bikes you dudes entered were absolutely amazing in every way and I’ve always been driven to build bikes the way you guys do. Thank you for making this contest so fun to participate in. It’s a big big honor to compete with you gentlemen. Thank you to all the members who voted for me!!! It means a lot to know you guys actually like what I built. I’ll definitely be back again next year. Props go out to S.Brothers for making this event one of, if not, thee premiere BMX bike contest in the world. Can’t wait for the next show! Props to the rest of the Society staff as well. Great job guys! Lasty, congrats to all the winners but especially to my boys Larock and 551slander! What an amazing job you guys did on those rides….daaaamn