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  1. I Want to buy ticket to Friday night dinner. I didn't know it was separate. Thanks
  2. Nice set of red MM I have 2 yellow fronts and 1 raw front would love to get a yellow rear to match.
  3. Just scored this 85 redline 600. The finish is gone someone spray bombed white with small rems of hazard yellow around head tube and chrome around back triangle so I stripped off white and plan on re powder but not sure of color.
  4. I have one just like that bought it brand new cant remeber year. I still cant believe i walked into a bike shop and left with it now that I look back lol.
  5. Need one blue large flange Suzue rear hub and also need GT4130 175 drive side profile style crank Been trying to pair
  6. Only pic I can find. I can't believe I lived on my pre serial Hutch as a kid and only one pic. Lets see other orange county pics.
  7. And this hutch pre serial with rusted headset front end was locked up soaked in some rust remover and everything came right apart also from local swap
  8. I always go to local swaps sometimes u get some good stuff cheap I picked up these red z rims that were hidden in white spray bomb. They cleaned right up
  9. Ya thanks would love to find og hutch seat post. Does anyone know dimensions of og post how to tell its real deal?
  10. I use this from home depot 15 dollars for a gallon just 2 cups concentrate in a big tub of warm water let sit over night rust gone
  11. Been working on this for few years off an on trying to get the right parts almost all parts came from craigslist a piece at a time first frame fork and bars all go finish and stickers real shiny and nice stickers. The western h stem came from craigslist also the chrome was flaking and was hammered so i cleaned it up and lo gloss powder on it. The wheel set came from craigslist also from a member of this site with a huge collection he said they were taking off a gt in a bike shop back in 84 and he had them sitting all this time till I mounted them all chrome 7xs with go spokes and bullseye hubs from the 80s I put the yellow label comp 3s on. The flights came from friend with hadley bb but spindle came from craigs and the small stuff here and there hutch pedals and seat post clamp, It rides great