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  1. Here's some better pictures. I suppose I should try to find Mike Horton. Does anyone know how to contact him? He should get some of his own stickers if he wants them at the very least.
  2. I needed stickers for my Team Murrays, so I bought a sticker lot. Did I do good? LOL Top row (obscured) - black Murray T.C. and Baja stickers came separate from other stickers. 26 Mike Horton T.M. downtube, T.M. X20R, T.M. X24, 6 T.M. bmx badges, 5 T.M. colors, 2 CA-14 ABA, 5 Bandito handlebar (bad corners), JMC 82 IBMXF, Heco hydraulic steering stabilizer, FR3 Racing Technology, Max, Centurion Bicycle Works coin, 3 D.B. old badges, Vote D.B., Oakley F.P., Action Now, Bicycles and Dirt, Mike Redman Racing, 2 bird 4 bolts Loncharavich Racing Products, Bottema, Hutch Henderson, Main Bikes and Sporting Goods, VDC Gorilla coin, Voris Dixon Co small wings, VDC Changa, and VDC Woody Itson. These are going straight on the fridge. NOT
  3. Good examples are expensive. I like the more rare boards, but never buy them. I hate the reproduction decks. My collection room doesn't have room for more decks on the walls. That being said the decks take up less room than my bikes. I just buy new decks I like without thinking that they might be collectable some day. Cost? Hundreds if not thousands of dollars on an object to look at. Not much difference other than decks take up less space and decks are almost always left unrestored. Either they are good or they aren't. Though I do have an H-Street Ron Allen I may restore some day. I think H-Street is one of the few brands that won't sell the same graphics from bitd. Kinda why Santa Cruz and Powell are pissing me off. They sell a ton of reproductions and let their modern stuff suffer. They are just now trying to build their pro teams back up. That may never happen for them since Nike is paying everyone too much money to need a real deck sponsor. Is this the right forum? Holy crap...
  4. That's what osrlracer, billn, and Dewabo said at the Grand Nationals show. I sure miss you guys. Just taking my time now. Fixed up the 2/4. Have a Kos in the works. Hoping it won't take several more years to finish the Kos but I'm pacing myself. I'd love to get a Moosegoose or another pit, but I'm pretty happy with making improvements to what I have. OS bikes = JMC DY (#25), 77 MG nickle Mity, 82 MG 2/4, 79 S&S Newport, 85 GT PP, 79 DB frame, and my 82 Kos project. I may do the DB after the Kos, but I'm really Jonesing for a Moosegoose to complete my 82 loop MG set. I like the DB frame plain though. It's just a really pretty piece all by itself.
  5. I broke the Tuffs jumping curbs. It was the 90's. I went to my local bike store (Hoffman's Salad Days in OKC). My buddy Chris worked there and I told him I broke my rear mag and I was bummed. He said he'd order me some new Tuffs. They were the weird crappy 90's Tuffs, and I broke those too. Fortunately I still had my Darrell Young for a daily driver. I just got some Hoffman Patriot bars from Salad Days to get full size bars for the DY. I think i had them lace up a Ukai to the rear Philwood on the JMC too. The 90's were a dark and regrettable time. It wasn't until I discovered Ebay that I got an oldschool set of Araya 7X's with SR hubs to get the 2/4 back on the road in 2000ish.
  6. Original Sugino cranks, original Sugino sprocket, and original 1/2" Suntour XC II pedals. OK, the chain is only 20 years old. Yup, stoked on this. Need to replace the grips, the stem pad, the chain, and the brake cable, but this is a far cry from the sorry state it's been in for years.
  7. I broke the original Tuffs that came with the bike immediately after I bought the bike. 20 years later I finally replaced them. Got some nice Knarlier Knobbys to go with the replacement Tuffs. Half real half generic mx1000 with Tuff Pads. The weird part is the generic side has the quick release (usually the knob side is generic). The Elina seat is just plain black on a Uni Post. The seat clamp is probably generic, but someone said it's possibly an old Tuf Neck clamp because it has a smaller nut and bolt than they usually have. It's probably still generic though.
  8. Close up of the OS-BMX 2004 inverted stem. Kos bars are rough, but so is the frame. The lever is a Dia Comp Tech 4 (85) and some really ate up Oakley 0.5's. The handlebar pad is a motorcycle style vinyl pad. The stem pad is some cheapo that I need to replace. The frame pad is a formerly NOS Team Cycle pad. Repro MG stickers.
  9. It's been a long time since this bike was this nice. It's pretty close to how I bought it from the pawn shop in the 90's. Had to replace the Tuffs and the Kos bars. It got an upgrade with the Knarlier Knobbys and the black Elina seat, but otherwise it's pretty close to how it came plus stickers and pads. Detail pics to come. I took the pic today at the vintage bmx show at the ABA Grand Nationals in Tulsa, OK.
  10. I'm planning on coming up on Saturday. I think I'm only bringing one bike.
  11. Probably the Kos for the 5th consecutive year. Although I need to go get my rims from the anno stripper today. Just need to clean them up and take them back for anno. Any tips on how to get the rims prepped for anno would be appreciated. I think it's ready to go together after the wheels are finished. So that should only take like 2 more years. LOL
  12. I don't know what it is about blue tires. That happened with my S&S. Blue Winner's Choice looked fine on my old Kos though. It might just be skinny tires. I don't know. I wouldn't worry about it. Ah, who am I kidding. I'm worried mine is going to have too much gold on it. I'm striving to make up for it with red. It might end up a disaster, but it will be a Kos. Hey, that's a killer Kos. Ride, clean, and repeat. That's all you need to do.
  13. Must be 2/4 day. My single speed road bike had a flat this morning, so I had to choose between the S&S and the 2/4. Well, I just dragged the 2/4 out of the basement and cleaned it up this weekend, so that's what I took to work. Holy crap it's a lot more work getting from a to b on a 24 with fat tires. Now I remember why I went with the road bike. That is one sweet 2/4. I'm so close to trying to get my 2/4 sorted. It will take a ton of work to even come close to that. Good job
  14. Got a progress report today. Had some pics attached. He got the frame Monday and got started on it quick.