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  1. I know there are about 10 at the Whittier dump site when I sent all my bikes to the dump in 1984 when I got my 1969 VW Squareback....wish I could go back.....
  2. Hey,William how's it going? There's one at Patriot bike shop up north.I can't wait till one shows up for sale as my dad made all of them.Paypal waiting!!!!
  3. Sorry,Typed a little to fast.Didn't come out right.
  4. No,who ever was beating me it that weekend on it.LOL...
  5. Sweet project William!That frame probably cost me alot of trophys at WSA.....
  6. Yup, still got it Is that frame a NOS build? witch frame ? The red frame.No worries either way,can't wait to see it.
  7. Yup, still got it Is that frame a NOS build?
  8. As always William,you always have the sweet '70 builds....
  9. Damn Shawn your builds are sick!Can't wait to see the Champ in person....
  10. Cebe was a company in Paramount Ca. back in the 70s.They would contract out different parts for companies.Not only BMX but other ind.also.You have to remember back in the 70s any high production parts or frames could of been made by Cebe because most companies could'nt keep staff on hand just for BMX.I rember going with my dad there BITD to have blocks made and head tubes made for the Whitney Marine frames.Hope this helps....
  11. Dont forget about Whitney Marine.That company started around 1974 and had the Indy 500 which was a rigid,a mono shock and a dual rear shocker.Patriot bikes has a dual shocker on display....
  12. Wow Dennis,another great post.I came in 4th that day.Not a good day at the office but still a fun time.Keep em coming.....
  13. Dennis,that is so sweet!Brings me back big time!I'm thinking Birch st. Yard house or my fav. Chomps??