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  1. I'm still in shock and super stoked for you. The ladies bike has been a dream for years now, congrats man. This pair is in the right hands. You own number Zero!!!!!!! That's wild....
  2. Thanks guys for organizing a great show. I certainly don't envy the judges,there are so many sweet rides. Great seeing everyone, thanks again.
  3. That is one beautiful survivor. What a awesome bike. Congrats.
  4. very cool frame, is there room on the top plate to mount some double clamps?
  5. Those red hubs are gorgeous. You NEED gold ones to match your headset. Oh yeah, I have some.
  6. That is in amazing condition,I can't wait to see it in person. You must take to the Source. I expect to see that TA Takagi trick on one of my bikes soon.
  7. What a great first bike, the look on his face had to be priceless..
  8. Damn William, that came out great, you really know how to rub one out.
  9. Great bike Joe. It's hard enough to find old racers bikes,but to get in contact with him and he gives you his old gear bag, that's priceless. Post up a picture of the bag, is there any older bags out there?
  10. Awesome build, the bike is bonkers, in a good way. I love the detail, funny story on how you got the pads. Thanks for giving me the lowdown on all the trick parts. The only problem I have with it ,is now I'm looking for titanium axles. Great bike.
  11. That's really cool you picked up something you really liked...very happy for you. It's a nice set up.
  12. What's with all the smack talk, you keep trying to stir it up. Enough already, that's why alot of guys turn away from this site. Second place trophies, that's just ridiculous. A survivor class doesn't sound like to much to ask, if someone lies about it being a survivor? That's just pathetic, but it will probably happen. How about setting some criteria to win, for example, if you have new tires on a vintage bike ,you can't win. Something people can follow. Without guys from the museum, there wouldn't be much of a show, the elitest attitude around here is stinking up the place. Go build a Fucking bike.
  13. Thanks alot guys. I definitely had a good time hunting the parts down. As far as knowing if it's the one from the ad? I have no idea, from what I've read,only 5 diamond dropouts PKs were made. I've seen a blue one and a brown, I don't know if there's anymore out there.