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  1. Cruiser bars only in chromoly... What are you building Andy ?
  2. Expert bars are almost like cruiser but the crossbar is about 1 inch higher.. the cruiser bars are by FAR the rarest and most valuable.. I have 3 sets of PERFECT cruiser bars...seen them go for 300.. Unkurled is collectable ones.. I hear 1st gen. .2nd gen... that is all garbage.. few changes made over the years but there was no GEN changes lol...Mark Rink
  3. In the EARLY Days socal was a VERY FAST GIRL...Crystal Bradshaw (her dad powdercoat painted all the early frames ) also Leigh Donavan who lived down the street from me ....both could beat boys in there age group for sure...I remember we had drag races at peddlepower one day..150 kids ... and she beat me (i was 8 or 9) and i CRIED lol....Mark Rink
  4. who is the little kid in the powerlite gear? I have No idea lol
  5. Voris had a machine shop that did bending... The only thing voris did was bend the tubing to a certain shape before going to the welders etc... He bent parts etc for alot of early on guys...That was only in the beginning, we bought our own bender soon and did our own welding as well... Mark Rink..(powerlite) amazing the garbage and rumors that people think happened lol...
  6. if there is a VDC sticker on a powerlite bar its only cuz some kid put it there later... mark rink
  7. Greg did we go to school together? some of my best friends live on corner of taft and cambridge in the golden circle.. mark rink
  8. chromolly was Very early.. the aluminum bars were usually the JR bars... at least 81... u used to cut the chromolly and never remember not having chromoly... truck used to come once a week with about 100 or so 40ft long 4130chromolly tubing.. i used to have to cut it lol... Hope this helps.. Mark Rink
  9. If he had his name on downtube it wasnt done by us...Mark
  10. Wrong.... Mark4 plates were made by powerlite !! they were 84 till 90 i think..The plates were My venture with pops...steve rink(powerlite) i will post ad later i still have... Hope this helps Mark Rink Sorry about that, but that's what I was led to believe. The plates seem to be constructed in a similar fashion as Zeronine, so It seemed plausible to me. If you don't mind Mark, how were the plates manufactured? Stamped? Molded? That kind of stuff fascinates me. yea they were injection molded... the visors dont look orig... stickers i think were down toward botttom of the visor if i remember right?We paid a few Gs for the mold then just ordered 500 at a time then stickers,velcro etc.... sealed in bag and shipped...Man i miss those days... Mark Rink
  11. Dude that looks awesome... love seeing my old plates.. wish i would have saved some of them and the numbers as well... where did you get the plate? if you see any for sale let me know... Mark Rink
  12. Nice of steve to thank my dad for designing the Torker Two bar... Congrats to steve johnson
  13. heres a ad for them i found...they actually came out 84.....
  14. your right.. and thanks for keeping Powerlite and peddlepower alive.. Mark(powerlite)Rink