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  1. I've got a few here, this is only some of them. The rest are in the attic.
  2. Hi, Real sorry to dredge up an oldish thread but i may aswell add to it. I came across one of these late last year. It's pretty much 100% original, only things missing at the moment are the pads ( long gone) the seatclamp although the guy that sold this to me still has it but just doesn't know where at the moment. Also a brake cable has been changed but i'm unsure which one and the grips. It's pretty well loaded with nice parts aswell :4_17_5: Ukai rims Suntour hubs Suntour Power stem Maxy Cross crank KKT Lightening pedals Elina saddle Dia Compe F+R 890's V bars assuming they're WIN Bars Snakebelly tyres Enjoy what is probably a very rare bike. These are photos of when i picked it up, i'd hasten to add that this has been massively restored now back to its former glory. The only parts i've struggled with is a DC seat clamp and Red Snakebelly tyres. Clamps are around but as the previous owner says he still has the original somewhere i'm not too keen on buying another when he could find that one. many thanks for looking Andy