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  1. So far so good here. posting in the 2nd thread, still logged in
  2. So awesome! nice Christmas for urself.
  3. That D.I.D. sticker, nice touches..
  4. That is badass! I love the black finish.. I agree about the bike shop build, probably Schwinn parts (Scrambler?) Does it have the coaster tab? (SN?) Culling the collection, I can get down with that notion.. 1 in , 1 out.. its a hard one to put to practice though. If you are going with motomags, and possibly new bars, I think it would look bitchin with black mongoose box bars (or schwinn box bars). Of course then you would need a straight mongoose pad. lastly.. THOSE TIRES THO!!!
  5. I was about to say the same thing, fame/fork sets were $60 a few years ago (NOS)
  6. UBR? wow, never even heard of that one.. or Frank Post
  7. Streaming live world wide from Colorado Springs: $10,000 pro purse amflatlandcircuit.com (See pic)
  8. I don't find it all that far-fetched, I mean take the guy in Sri-Lanka with the '73 mongoose for example, stranger things have happened.
  9. name dropper I touched Jeff Haney's hand once.
  10. I didnt think they were letting people leave Dallas yet.. but maybe by next year
  11. saw this unchained DB in downtown Colorado Springs today edit: sorry for sideways pics.. they are straight on my phone
  12. I had the newer graphites a few years back, and remarked at how slippery they were.. and I nearly always run Tuffs. I didn't have the same problems with Tuff I and II's. I would wager that certain tires work better with graphites. Try a friend's Comp II's or Bridgestone's and see if that helps (you may have to try fat/fat also)
  13. From where are you getting the starting information? not disputing it, just curious about these statements: -MCS Frame -early 80's Magnum frame -sold as Belgium Minerva bike
  14. No.. I agree w/ Texasbmx.. it was a shit-bird thing to do: Buy an antique, chop it into something that never existed, but justify doing so in order to reclaim childhood and yet be able to ride it as a grown-up.. then sell it on ebay after its ruined and because: bored. He should start a business chopping vintage bmx bikes into 10 speeds. Make DB windchimes and license plates out of mongoose tubing
  15. Nice re-build! son-lites and suntour pedals are radical!
  16. How did i miss this one? zonkers! i only saw ONE torker in my whole life, and it was my friends step-brother who just moved from Cali (around 82)
  17. Saw these kids yesterday while walking my doggy One mound is all a kid needs...
  18. Only let the sidehack hit the ramp.. name it a "Duke Boys" or an "A-Team" (i look forward to youtube footage)
  19. Good point about the intangibles that are hardly ever considered by buyers.. the years of TLC, searching.. waiting.. maintaining. Then some upstart wants to lowball you because they just "saw another one go for $___ last week" :0)
  20. Paypal only, serious inquiries only. *Will not part out (sorry)