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  1. Hey guys I ended up going to the funeral and learning more about Ron Mackler. It seems the consistent thread throughout his life was that he was always trying to help steer young people to the right path of life. I was one for sure as if he wouldn't have came upon me and my friends hanging out on our bikes before school who knows how long it would have been before I discovered BMX racing. I ended up speaking at his funeral and passed on all the well wishes from riders who had the priveledge of racing at his track, and having him yell "peel out" while waving his flashlight on the starting line. Ron Mackler was a good man who died way too young (he was 57). He had a brain tumour that was discovered a couple of years ago but by that time it was too late. He fought it but it got the best of him earlier this week. RIP my friend Ron.
  2. No that Jeff Watson was not Jimmy's brother and I don't know if he passed or not. Jimmy said his brothers Jeff and Archie are both doing well but neither is living in California anymore.
  3. So I check my FB page and I get a private message from Jimmy Watson. Says he's doing good and gives me his phone number so I called him and we caught up. For those fo you that don't remember Jimmy (and his 2 brothers Archie and Jeff) rode for Webco and he was a fast stylish rider. He won the trophy dash at the very 1st NBA Grand National at Randell Ranch in 1975. Anyway if you want to chime in about him or his team here's your chance.
  4. Well I had the good fortune to golf with Cash on his birthday and let me tell you this guy can golf! He also said he shares his birthday with The Kos so happy birthday to both of you guys.
  5. Yeah I'll be out there on the track. Rode Kearny Moto Park a couple times in the past week and am starting to get some skills back. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone next week.
  6. Happy Birthday "McDevitt"! Hope you have a great one.
  7. yo JP you old fuck!!! Happy Birthday you old snaggle tooth dog. Hope to see you soon. PK
  8. Congratulations to all inductees! All are very deserving and they do represent their era's. Special congratulations to old school Danny Oakley. He raced the very first tracks and has some good stories. Way to go Smokin' Oak!
  9. Man that's very sad. I got a text yesterday from Anthony's good friend Corey Brown letting me know. Anthony always looked out for his friend Corey and when we would see each other he made sure to call Corey so we could stay in touch. I remember Anthony back from both of our starting days of BMX. My friends and me would ride up to Palms Park from Santa Monica and Anthony and his crew would ride there from the east side. We would always ride down to the jumps by the railroad tracks before the race and just ride. His crew used to call him "Panther" cause he was the fastest of their bunch. He was super fast and a great rider. He was the first rider I ever saw stand up on his top tube and surf his bike. He did it by putting one foot on his stem (back then called gooseneck) to steer his bike. And he had one of the most crooked bikes out there but it didn't matter. Panther could ride. In the past few years we would see each other when I attended any of the old school reunions. Anthony made them all and would call me and give me shit when I didn't make it to one. I'd usually hear from him for a while after those events but then the communication would fade off. R.I.P. Panther, you will be greatly missed.
  10. damn Spike that was pretty good. I'll give you 2 (Howie and it was actually Santa Monica Cyclery), but Corona was not the track. This was probably one of JP's final BMX races and it was definately a JP kind of track.
  11. Hey where's Bobby and all of his photo's? It looks like he took them all off! Hey Bobby what's up?! Get the photo's back on and post some more.
  12. OK guys here ar some questions for you. The photo of JP racing his hack with the cast on his wrist, what track is it and when, who is his monkey, and finally what jersey is he and his partner wearing? This is probably one of the only photo's you will see with JP not wearing his infamous Rick's jersey. First one with the right answer gets 3 atta boys from Mel (or Thom - whoever gets on first)!
  13. Check out Bobby - quick to post a picture of her. Encinas had all the hot chicks!
  14. Now that's the van I remember. I remember coming back from Vegas with yourself, JP, & Thom in that one. Also did a couple of runs to the top of Nike Base in it. Yeah I hung out with her after you (and a few other guys) "hung out" with her. You guys called her "swamp dog" but I thought she was hot. I remember her coming to Yarnell looking for me and you guys were saying "the swamp dogs here for you"!I guess I was right as from what I know Playboy only puts the hot ones in!