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  1. My bikes rule and u know it

  2. Hi Charley i was just pointing out that my father inlaw is the one that gave that race the green light and in return mongoose had givin him the 2 kos Kruisers and a 20 inch that we still have as well. Thats all a little back ground always seems to help especiallly being og and one owner bike for 30 years. I was told to come to this site and when i did i saw a forsale section and ran with it. I dont blog or do forums at all so i do appologize for going about it wrong. Whew after all of this i just might let them sit how ever i would like them to go to a collector. also all these kruiser that ive seen are all molested and not original sometimes thats what makes things worth more to certain ppl.
  3. Randy thanks for ur input. You were the type of person i was looking for. Someone that raced the race with that bike. I still have no idea what to ask but ebay is my next adventure and im going to list it for 3500.00 and see what happens. My wifes sister still has a blue one might try and sell them as a set. U have been very helpful. thanks Billy
  4. i notice ur seat is different than mine and missing some stickers. are you the original owner?
  5. thank you nice to know there r others. Did u race that bike in 1981 at knotts berry farm
  6. Hi im new to this this site and posted a bike for sale 26 inch kos Kruiser. It seems to me that no one really knows the back ground on this bike and some say im full of shit. If you do know i would like to hear what ur thoughts are especially if u raced in 1981 in california. There is none of these bikes anywhere that i can find and would love to see one besides mine. Thank you, Billy