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  1. This came to be with a set of green over yellow unitrons and a set of green peregrine Masters LOL it wasn't complete in the first pic so I added another I need to take some new pics of my bikes
  2. Cool bike never seen one but the wheels are the business ;)
  3. I hearz ya but a lot of other guys left after the site got reformated and we lost our sub forums Payment coming only cause I care a great deal about this site and the people who post here ;) I do miss you guys
  4. Super Rad Score there ! Nice haul and story
  5. I would support if we still had a Freestyle section Truth be told I have no place to post here these days Lots of great friends and memories but no one is interested in the stuff I reflect on in terms of BMX/Freestyle jus sayin
  6. I've done it with a few sets of Unitrons and a pair of mags or two
  7. sadly I still have 20 completes but it is thinning and I don't plan on buying anything new. All old school and all complete. I have recently sold about 5 or 6 completes and plan to cut back to 5 or 10 ? We'll see how I feel as they start to get disassembled and packed for shipping LOL
  8. Merry Christmas Everyone ! cool link Steve it even had my Dad laughing and he made me post it on his Facebook LOL old people...there a trip
  9. it's hilarious to see tires dry rotting even back then Look at Ron's ST's and you'll notice the side walls are all dried out crazy
  10. WOW ! He's an inspiration to us all ! That kid's got some heart ! I'm scared to try stuff like that in fear it may land me in a wheelchair and here he is doing it in one ! MAD Props !