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  1. This came to be with a set of green over yellow unitrons and a set of green peregrine Masters LOL it wasn't complete in the first pic so I added another I need to take some new pics of my bikes
  2. Cool bike never seen one but the wheels are the business ;)
  3. I hearz ya but a lot of other guys left after the site got reformated and we lost our sub forums Payment coming only cause I care a great deal about this site and the people who post here ;) I do miss you guys
  4. Super Rad Score there ! Nice haul and story
  5. I would support if we still had a Freestyle section Truth be told I have no place to post here these days Lots of great friends and memories but no one is interested in the stuff I reflect on in terms of BMX/Freestyle jus sayin
  6. I've done it with a few sets of Unitrons and a pair of mags or two
  7. sadly I still have 20 completes but it is thinning and I don't plan on buying anything new. All old school and all complete. I have recently sold about 5 or 6 completes and plan to cut back to 5 or 10 ? We'll see how I feel as they start to get disassembled and packed for shipping LOL
  8. Merry Christmas Everyone ! cool link Steve it even had my Dad laughing and he made me post it on his Facebook LOL old people...there a trip
  9. it's hilarious to see tires dry rotting even back then Look at Ron's ST's and you'll notice the side walls are all dried out crazy
  10. WOW ! He's an inspiration to us all ! That kid's got some heart ! I'm scared to try stuff like that in fear it may land me in a wheelchair and here he is doing it in one ! MAD Props !
  11. I'll get you better pics but here's a pic of the tires and seat Don I don't have one with the grips handy
  12. 20 minutes ? What are you doing lunch with Ms. Daisy ? LOL Enjoy it cause when Debbie gets in the parties over and it's time to explain why you need another bike Don LOL
  13. I got him a Verde Eon with anno Green accent parts it was $310 out the door with one year free flat repair and brake service and a free Tee shirt and DVD I think he's going to FREAK out ! and it is unbelievably light ! I mean old school GT race bike light Can't wait to see his face here's a link to the model but to see it with the green you will have to click on the lower right hand image http://www.danscomp.com/101719.php?cat=BIKES# the woman at the bike shop said it's been years since you could get a bike this light for $300 and I believe her I'll get a pic if I have the chance later on today
  14. LOL I thought you might going home for lunch just so you can see them all together is beyond ridiculous I like it
  15. I'll believe it when I see it Just playin SEADRIFTIT but I do want to see it
  16. Amazing ! The attention to detail is what makes this build over the top in a good way job well done I wouldn't change a thing...It's Perfect
  17. Doug AWESOME SCORES ! That Bose stuff is killer and I bet it sounds so clean. Can you just imagine having a set up like that in 68 ! Had to be really pricey back then the goose is dope too
  18. Sweet first build ;) I've got one of those ST's sitting here and always thought I was going to build an older Haro replica with it but never did, it's great to see someone follow through with it ! It looks great nice work Wish I could help with the headset question but finding the right one can be tedious at times. The worst is when you find on that fits nice and tight and it cracks on the last little crank during installation. Hang in there I'm sure the right one will turn up. Welcome to the site Brian
  19. Thanks everyone...I think I'm headed in the right direction but still a little indecisive. I think I'm going to keep it local and go with the Subrossa Tiro. Any of you familiar with Subrossa ? Looks like I can get it for right around $300 assembling it wouldn't be the worst thing but most of my bike tools are old school oriented so it's probably best to have it done at a shop. I don't think it's worth the extra $40 I'd save to order it and chance something going wrong...wrong color, parts missing, late shipping, back order there's a million things that could go wrong. It just seems worth it to spend a little more, support the local bike shop and have them put it together any thoughts ? he asked for Subrossa ?