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  1. LOOKIN KILLER T ! I can't wait to see it all wraped up Bro ! :18:
  2. Sorry I'm not the best listener LOL I hope you guys like it ! LMK what you think :18:
  3. WORD UP ! BRO I'm trying that shizzil tomorrow on a set of white Tuffs. I have to Thank Jerome ! YOUR THE MAN !!!! SUPER RESTO BRO
  4. I think it looks great ! My GT didn't match but I still rolled with it
  5. Well I for one CAN"T wait to see what you do with that lav Pro :18: Performer
  6. B.cal I always thought you were a race guy,Thats cool your into freestyle! :32: Chris,if only we meet a month ago...I had a whole case of spintechs. The last one I have is on this GT that I have for sale right now on Ebay
  7. Cool Dyno Bro ! Welcome aboard ! sorry I'm late,check out my 87
  8. SICK BRO ! I'm glad I got to see it on here ! Who knows when you would have sent me pics,LOL :6:
  9. Thanks Guys I just want to change those two parts and I'll be ready to put it in my collection pics ! :18:
  10. OK I still have to change the spyder and chain but here it is with the new pedals and tires LMK what you think ? I love it more ever time I put something new on it
  11. I'm so confused aaaaawwwwwgggg :6: Anybody want this thing? LOL J/K
  12. You don't think the black? I might even use this blue Kashimax mx that I have that isn't in the pic :18: I'm trying to work out a deal with JoeBlizard for some DB 3 piece cranks so we'll see
  13. Hey who ever wrote all of this tell Pat it looks Good ! I guess the S in STR is for Schizophrenia,LOL
  14. Thats how I feel about it too but I have all the blue and yellow stuff for it and I'm broke :22: :22: :22: :22: :22: It's allways spend till it hurts ! Well I'm killing my self over here LOL
  15. I also have a blue Kashimax MX and a yellow Kashimax DB seat?
  16. How sweet I found that MCS drain pipe post buried in a parts bin :18:
  17. I need your opinion on what color seat,& wheels and should I use some Elf blast bars? check it out
  18. They look like elf blast bars T :18: LOOKIN GOOD !
  19. Hey b.cal Sorry Bro this was all I could find
  20. Bro that's super organized ! Looks great ! When I get done this addition I'll have a room like that but first we need a place to sleep,says my wife! I mean really what's wrong with sleeping on the couch? :18: